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Our Top Far Away Getaway Destinations!


  Whether you are planning your honeymoon, or just want to get away, here are some romantic destinations that you should keep in mind while choosing a place to visit!                     @vinvelimphoto.                        @worldofjoonas                                    @beglam.girl Hawaii Although Hawaii is a long travel day away, the plane ride is definitely worth it! Hawaii is the perfect romantic getaway with its gorgeous lush greenery and sandy beaches. This destination is great for couples that want to unwind … Continue reading Our Top Far Away Getaway Destinations!

4 Options for Honeymooning in Utah


Deciding where to honeymoon can be hard. You want somewhere that will be memorable but you also don’t want to spend a fortune! It’s critical to find a balance between enjoyment and expense.  Although, leaving Utah can be a fun option for your honeymoon, there are amazing locations in Utah.   If you are looking for a closer or less expensive honeymoon, here are some of these awesome options. Bed and Breakfast The Anniversary Inn is a great bed and breakfast option for your first night as a couple or for the whole stay. The suites provide refreshments such as Sparkling cider, cheesecake, and chocolate truffles. They also come with Large … Continue reading 4 Options for Honeymooning in Utah

A Bed and Breakfast for Your Wedding?

Staying in a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel can offer many advantages to a  couple looking for a unique honeymoon experience. A visitor to a bed and breakfast can be more immersed in a visit to an area, getting the cozy, intimate home-away-from-home experience.   Bed and breakfasts are usually run by knowledgeable hosts.   Since one of the charms of a bed and breakfast is the fact that it’s not a chain hotel, you can expect a unique experience.An owner of a good B&B should be happy to answer your questions about your stay. Find out how close you are to local attractions (by foot and by … Continue reading A Bed and Breakfast for Your Wedding?

Honeymoon Planning Tips


Your honeymoon is one of the most important trips you will ever take! Proper planning is a must to make the most of the experience. Here are a few guidelines to assist you in the process … • PLAN AHEAD! Be sure to add the honeymoon planning to your wedding checklist. Many couples leave the planning until after the wedding details have been made which can be a mistake. It is best to plan your honeymoon several months in advance, if possible, to get the best availability and pricing. • WHAT IS YOUR DREAM HONEYMOON “PICTURE”? Most people have thought about their “dream” honeymoon long before the event takes place! … Continue reading Honeymoon Planning Tips