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Choosing Wedding Flowers Based on Symbolism

Choosing the flowers for your wedding day is no small task. Here are some hints about Choosing wedding Flowers and Greenery Based on Symbolism. Planning a wedding is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding things a lady has to do in her lifetime. Your wedding day is one of the most anticipated days in your life. Think about it, since you were a young girl, you have been dreaming of the perfect wedding.  One filled with beautiful flowers, a flowing wedding gown, a handsome groom.   Take place in a beautiful venue filled with your friends and family members celebrating this joyous occasion with you. Choosing the flowers for your … Continue reading Choosing Wedding Flowers Based on Symbolism

How to Prioritize Your Wedding Budget


When you?re planning your wedding, be sure to follow these tips for deciding on a budget! Weddings can be overwhelming, but the stress and anxiety of your wedding budget shouldn?t overshadow the excitement and exhilaration surrounding your big day. Budgets are scary and time-consuming but they are also a necessary part of planning the best day of your life. That?s why we have compiled a list of five steps to help you prioritize your wedding budget. Pick the Number Just do it. Write down your realistic budget number. Take into account a few things: Are you and your fianc? the only sources of money, or are parents or grandparents chipping … Continue reading How to Prioritize Your Wedding Budget

10 Ways to Announce Your Engagement

does this ring make me look engaged mug

When you get engaged, the first thing you want to do is announce it to the world! Maybe your new fiance had a secret photographer set up with photos you can use for your Facebook announcement, but if not, you have the perfect opportunity to do more than the “here’s my ring” shot. Check out some of our favorite ideas from around the web before you hit “publish!” Image via She Finds Get help from a furry friend! If you or your fiance has a pet, enlist them to hold a sign spreading the good news. Image via Wedding Wire This is the classic ring shot, but in a unique, … Continue reading 10 Ways to Announce Your Engagement

2015-2 Wedding So Easy Book Cover

Wedding So Easy Cover 2015-2

Here is the cover of our newest book  Wedding So Easy Utah’s Premiere Guide to Wedding Professionals   Thanks to Thomas Peek Photography for the shot! Also view the on-line version of Wedding So Easy Utah’s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the new cover –

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla

There are few things in this world as beautiful and inspiring as the bonds of matrimony. The following tips are proven to help control the beast within, and leave the desired memories of your wedding day. Two individuals coming together in heart, mind, and purpose, often causes supporters and peers to reflect on the important matters of life, and set goals to improve their own lives. Marriage is an event that transforms two, into one, and is often as spectacular as a caterpillar transforming into a majestic butterfly. However, among the beauty and glamour of this beautiful event, lies a deep and dark being, that if given allowance, can destroy … Continue reading Top 5 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla

2015-1 Wedding So Easy Book Cover

Wedding So Easy Cover 2015-1

Here is the cover of our newest book ? Wedding So Easy ? Utah?s Premiere Guide to Wedding Professionals Thanks to BryCox Studio for the shot! Also view the online version of Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the new cover –

Featured Wedding – Jessica and Michael

Bride Name: Jessica Hunt Groom Name: Michael Doxey How you met: My boss set us up on a blind date! I always tell people to go on blind dates because you never know?it might be the best thing you?ll ever do! How he proposed: Michael knows how to get to my heart.??He talked to my dad to ask for my hand and my dad said yes!??However, we wanted to wait for the custom ring before we made it official and told everyone else.??One day Michael set up this whole scheme where I thought we were just taking my mom to my sister?s house and then he and I would go … Continue reading Featured Wedding – Jessica and Michael

Is this year’s wedding status symbol 12-13-14?

While summer is normally prime time for nuptials, the hottest wedding date this year is in December. Couples are desperately hoping to tie the knot Dec. 13 ? 12/13/14. Jennifer Krysiak, 31, who works as an educational director of a preschool in Queens, was inspired by a friend who married on 7/7/07. ?I wanted to have a cool wedding date, too,? Krysiak says. ?I always wanted a winter wedding, so I originally picked Dec. 6. But that wasn?t cool, and when I found out that 12/13/14 fell on a Saturday, I knew I had to pick it. We started planning as soon as we got engaged last September.? Some 20,000 … Continue reading Is this year’s wedding status symbol 12-13-14?

Top 25 Wedding Planning Tips Graphic


So you are planning a wedding. Are you facing so many wedding planning details that you are going crazy? Here are some wedding planning tips from brides that have been through what you are now experiencing. From Style Unveiled, the top 25 wedding planning tips are: 1. Take Your Time 2. Be Present In Each Moment 3. Do a First Look 4. Don”t Get Caught Up In Perfection 5. Keep It Simple 6. Eat! 7. Keep the Big Picture in Mind 8. Hire a Day-Of Coordinator 9. Don”t Sweat the Little Things 10. Make Wedding Appointments Fun! 11. Let Your Creativity Flow 12. Finish Your To-Do List Early 13. Prioritize, Prioritize, … Continue reading Top 25 Wedding Planning Tips Graphic

4 Utah Siblings Have Same Day Wedding


Three sisters and their brother married their respective partners and had a joint wedding reception on the same day! A St. George Utah family celebrated four weddings in one day.??Three sisters and their brother married their respective partners and had a joint wedding reception on Saturday, June 14. The siblings ? some biological and some adopted ? had always been close, but after the tragic, sudden death of their oldest brother last year; they grew even closer as a family. So when 23-year-old Grace Fortney got engaged to Nick, she knew she wanted to wait to get married until her brother Marcus returned from his Mormon mission.??But while he was … Continue reading 4 Utah Siblings Have Same Day Wedding

3 Reasons You Should Have A Wedding Video

While planning your wedding, you need to insist on a wedding video. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should make room for a wedding video in your budget. While?planning your?wedding, you need to insist on a wedding video. ?One of the top pieces of advice you will receive is to hire a? wedding photographer? you love. And we wholeheartedly agree — your photographer will capture photos of every detail you have so carefully selected, the emotion on the faces of friends and family while you and your love recite your vows, treasured portraits of your family members in attendance and so much more.But there?s another vendor who deserves … Continue reading 3 Reasons You Should Have A Wedding Video

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Engagement Diamond

Know your 4 C’s; Cut, Clarity, Carat, Color as well as the diamond shape before deciding on a Wedding Engagement Ring. This info-graphic will help. Your?jeweler?will let you look at loose?diamonds, and once you have chosen the one you like then you can pick out the setting. You can also get a?wedding engagement ring?that is already preset. Diamond Shapes: There are a variety of diamond shapes to choose from including round, princess, pear, cushion, heart, asscher, oval, emerald, marquise and radiant. Diamond Cuts: The cut determines the diamond’s reflective qualities and directly influences its value. A diamond’s cut affects its brilliance. The better the cut, the brighter the diamond appears. … Continue reading Choosing the Perfect Wedding Engagement Diamond

2014-2 Wedding So Easy Book Cover

Here is the cover of our newest book ? Wedding So Easy ? Utah?s Premiere Guide to Wedding Professionals Thanks to MJ at?My Style Photography?for the shot! Also view the online version of?Wedding So Easy?? Utah?s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the new cover –

The Wedding Processional Order

If you are having a traditional wedding processional, here is the order: First — Mother of the Bride Second — Groomsmen Third — Best Man Fourth — Groom Fifth —Officiant Sixth — Bridesmaids Seventh — Maid/Matron of Honor Eighth — Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Last — Father of the Bride & Bride

8 Wedding Traditions That Can Be Broken

Learn which wedding traditions have been changed or been forgotten in modern ceremonies. 1. The bride’s family doesn’t always pay. Wedding tradition has always dictated that the bride’s family pays for the wedding and the groom’s family pays for the honeymoon. But because of the recent recession, that’s not necessarily the case anymore. “Oftentimes the actual funding for the wedding, the expenses, are taken care of by a slew of people as opposed to only the bride’s family,” says Lizzie Post, spokeswoman for the Emily Post Institute and great-great-granddaughter of etiquette expert Emily Post. “You want to honor the tradition by allowing the bride’s family to take the reins if … Continue reading 8 Wedding Traditions That Can Be Broken

10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding -THE BIG DAY

Hello everybody! Jessica and Michael are enjoying some hubby & wife time in their honeymoon but we just couldn’t wait until she got back to tell you about her special day. They got married last week on Friday, January 10 in the Salt Lake Temple. The reception was on the 9th Floor of the beautiful Joseph Smith Memorial Building, in the Sharon/Manchester rooms. I’m Jessica’s co-worker (the one who made her wedding invitations), the one she talks about so fondly. If you followed her “10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding” journey you might remember some of the details, but just in case, I’ll fill you in. Michael and Jess are … Continue reading 10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding -THE BIG DAY

2014-1 Wedding So Easy Book Cover

Here is the cover of our newest book – Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premiere Guide to Wedding Professionals – How do you like the cover photograph??  Thanks to Best Images Photography  for providing the cover photo! Also view the online version of Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the new cover.

10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 10

Our wedding planning is almost over. We actually get married in one week from today. We can’t wait to show you how everything turns out – whether it’s all perfect or if some things fall through – we’re showing it all! We actually get married in one week from today, but this will be our last post because we won’t be posting the day we get married (we’ll be a little busy). However, I’m having a co-worker post everything from the wedding day as soon as we get the pics and video, so definitely stay tuned for that. We can’t wait to show you how everything turns out – whether … Continue reading 10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 10

10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 9

So we figure we are just about done with wedding planning!   WEEK 9 is probably my favorite week so far because Michael is actually in town the ENTIRE WEEK!!!! Best Christmas gift EVER! Another sweet Christmas gift was being around both of our families. It was nice to have some time to be with everyone and just play. We went to Michael’s parent’s home for Christmas Eve and my mom’s for Christmas day so it worked out perfect! Both parties were a lot of fun! We watched some home videos at Michael’s parent’s house Christmas Eve and oh my goodness, the Doxey kids are hilarious! Little Mikey was such … Continue reading 10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 9

10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 8

Woo…what a week!! We pretty much finalized our wedding planning! Below you’ll find some good insights that I learned this week about all sorts of different ways to plan a wedding. My cute friends threw me a bridal shower, we FINALLY finished all the wedding invitations – my sweet mom helped me stuff, stamp and send them all out, and we had our last meeting with our super creative florist Colleen from Flowers Squared We pretty much finalized everything! Happy day! Below you’ll find some good insights that I learned this week about all sorts of different wedding things. Make sure to check out the video and bullet point list … Continue reading 10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 8

10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 7

We’ve been receiving an abundance of advice on how to plan a wedding from friends and family. It’s so neat how information comes right when you need it most. A good friend of mine was telling me about a life changing realization she has had since being married for over 30 years. She told me something that will most likely resonate with me because it touched me so strongly. She relayed to me that her marriage hasn’t been easy – she said no marriage is. For such a long time she was trying to change her husband – to help him become a better person. Then it dawned on her … Continue reading 10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 7

10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 6

Week 6 is over! Only one month left to plan a wedding! Michael was out of town for work again, but he is normally always home on the weekends so I get to see him really soon! We got a lot of wedding planning done this week again though. One thing I really wanted to talk about is combating any potential stress by keeping things fun! Hence the picture. Just be silly with each other. There is honestly no need to be so caught up as you plan a wedding that you forget the real reason for everything you’re doing. You’re getting married to the love of your life – … Continue reading 10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 6

10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 5

We did a lot to plan a wedding this week. I finalized a lot more with our coordinator and continued staying organized with check lists and calendars. Michael was out of town again this week for work. I’m glad he has a good job – I just wish they wouldn’t have picked during the holidays to be super busy and send all the engineers out of town every week, but we’ll roll with it. What else can we do? We got a lot done this week though to plan our wedding.   I finalized a lot more with our coordinator and continued staying organized with check lists and calendars (such … Continue reading 10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 5

10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 4

Wow…this week of  planning a wedding has been amazing, and crazy, and fun, and super productive! If you were to ask me what my biggest accomplishment was this week, I’d tell you I FOUND MY DRESS – finally! 4 dress shops later and much debating over pricing, but I found what I love! There were several dresses that I really liked so kind of hard to choose, but I found one I wouldn’t have to alter too much and it is pretty much everything I’ve been looking for! My sweet mom and sister reminded me I will only get married once, so I should get a dress I really love … Continue reading 10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 4

10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 3

How fun is it to plan a wedding?   Let me just tell you how much I’ve loved this week… A LOT! We started it off getting our engagement pictures. So much fun! One of my very good friends (Kara) did these for us and it was an absolute blast. We went to a gorgeous park  that Kara’s family owns which is tucked back in the woods. This brought back a flood of memories as I remembered playing at this place several times when my friends and I were younger. Such a beautiful place with trees, swings, a pond, canoes and wide open fields all around. Michael and I had … Continue reading 10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 3

10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 2

What an adventure so far! Our second week to plan a wedding has been a lot of fun – minus Michael was gone for work… again.   But he shows up at the end of the video, so check it out! This week we’ve set a lot of appointments, gotten more organized with our calendaring and planning, prepared for engagement pictures, and more. The video  on the page  just highlights some of the things we’ve done this week, but below you’ll find a convenient bullet-point overview of everything we’ve done so far (including things from our first week). Some of our viewers have requested we do this and we thought … Continue reading 10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 2

10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – Week 1

I just got engaged to my best friend and I am way beyond excited!! We want to take you along for the ride as we plan our wedding at Temple Square in just 10 weeks!! My name is Jessica Hunt and I’ve worked as the administrative/marketing assistant for Temple Square Hospitality in Utah for just over 3 years. The president of our corporation set me up on a blind date a year and a half ago with this cute, funny boy named Mike Doxey, and now he is my fiance! We want to take you along for the ride as we plan our wedding at Temple Square in just 10 … Continue reading 10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – Week 1

6 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Reception Venue


Congratulations on being engaged! Now that you are looking for a venue for your wedding reception, there are a few details that need to be considered. Brides often forget about these aspects of the event center they are touring until it’s too late, so keep this in mind while touring potential event centers. Theme- Think about the overall picture you have in your head for your wedding. Does this venue reflect that idea? Do you want modern and edgy, or traditional and formal? Do you want a beach theme or a rustic feel? One of the most important parts of picking a wedding reception venue is matching it to your … Continue reading 6 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Reception Venue

2013-3 Wedding So Easy Book Cover

Here is the cover of our newest book – Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premiere Guide to Wedding Professionals – How do you like the cover photograph??   Thanks to Bry Cox for the beautiful shot. Also view the online version of Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the new cover.

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Newest Utah Wedding Venue


The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, scheduled to open in Draper in December 2013, is a new and unique Utah wedding venue that will feature colorful tropical fish, stingrays and sharks as the backdrop for a variety of events. A wedding can take place among the vibrant marine life and the tropical rain forest gallery at the new Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. The 136,000 square-foot aquarium will be a premiere attraction and event space for as many as 1,000+ guests as well as a banquet room for 450+ guests. The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is the perfect venue for your wedding, from casual to traditional, small and intimate to grand and … Continue reading Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Newest Utah Wedding Venue

What is the Perfect Wedding Gift?

There are 2.3 million weddings in the United States each year. That comes out to about 6,200 weddings per day. Finding the perfect wedding gift can be a challenge and costly as well. The infographic below provides some ideas and stats to help your thought process. Is  this in line with the gifts  you see  at weddings?   Would you rather have  cash or something from your registry?   What is the  best wedding gift you have seen or heard about.   What is the worst?   Who gives the best gifts? Are you looking for a wedding gift to be cherished for the years to come after the special … Continue reading What is the Perfect Wedding Gift?

How to Judge Wedding Ring Quality

Your wedding rings are very important purchases. These are pieces of jewelry you plan to wear every single day for the rest of your life. So, you need to truly love your wedding rings, whether they’re simple wedding bands or matching sets. That means that you want to get the highest quality possible within your new budget as a couple. If you’re on a very strict budget, there are others areas where you can make sacrifices to ensure great quality. One idea is to purchase an inexpensive, simple ring setting. Then, invest the bulk of your ring budget on the diamond clarity, color and cut you desire most. Upgrading to … Continue reading How to Judge Wedding Ring Quality

The Perfect Wedding Gown For The Perfect Day

How many times do we find ourselves remembering our childhood? The days of gently brushing our doll’s hair, dressing them up in beautiful wedding gowns and daydreaming about the day when we, ourselves, would be able to look as priceless as them. Although our childhood days are over, the dreaming can still continue.   But as we matured, so did fashion.   The styles and designs have changed and evolved throughout the years.   As your wedding day approaches, the daydreams rush back into your mind as you recall the beautiful dresses you once fantasized about. From magazines, the Internet and television, viewers have been exposed to memorizing bridal gowns … Continue reading The Perfect Wedding Gown For The Perfect Day

Know Your Diamonds; The 5 C’s of Jewelry

There is a lot that is considered when it comes to the pricing of diamonds – not just the size. You’d be a fool to believe that simply buying the biggest diamond you can afford will ensure the beauty of an engagement ring. The truth of the matter is that there is a lot that is considered when it comes to the pricing of diamonds-not just the size. If you are thinking about purchasing an engagement ring, it’s time to learn about diamonds. There are 5 basics that you will need to know; Color, Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Cost. Color.   Although some are opting for colored center stones now, … Continue reading Know Your Diamonds; The 5 C’s of Jewelry

2013-2 Wedding So Easy Book Cover

Here is the cover of our book – Wedding So Easy Book – Utah’s Premiere Guide to Wedding Professionals Also see the online version of the Wedding So Easy Book – Utah’s Premiere Guide to Wedding Professionals Thanks to JayLynn Studios for the image. Let us know what you think of our new cover!

How to Avoid a Wedding DJ Disaster

Your wedding budget is tight, and you’re thinking about saving a few dollars by hiring a relative or friend as your wedding DJ; or you’re doing it as a favor to him. “What could possibly go wrong?” One of the things we ask our couples when we first meet with them, is, “Have you ever  seen a bad Wedding DJ? What went wrong?” Their answers are very instructive, and just may save YOUR wedding. What would your Wedding DJ do if THIS happened? He got sick on the morning of your wedding. Does he have a backup? He had an accident on the way to the wedding. Does he have … Continue reading How to Avoid a Wedding DJ Disaster

Survey Reveals Surprising Wedding Colors Choices

Recently my staff and I exhibited at a wedding show. Because we make custom couture wedding invitations (with music), one of the questions we asked the brides was their wedding  colors theme. We had just been told that Emerald Green and Coral were going to be the colors for 2013/14 so we were very surprised to get different answers. We kept track and according to Central Florida brides, Purple is still #1! Out of 81 responses, here are the favorite wedding colors: Purple – 15 responses  (not including Peacock which got 8 responses) Pink – 10 responses Blue – 9 responses Teal/Aqua – 9  responses Red – 8 responses Coral … Continue reading Survey Reveals Surprising Wedding Colors Choices

Wedding Season: What You’ll Spend to Attend

69 Million Americans to attend at least one wedding this year; Expect to spend $539 at each one, up 59% from 2012 NEW YORK,   April 29, 2013 —   Sixty-nine million Americans will attend one or more weddings this year, and they expect to spend 59% more than last year, according to the latest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker. Guests are anticipating a cost of $539 at each one, and most of that budget will go towards travel ($167), treating themselves to some new apparel and accessories ($161), and the couple’s wedding gift ($108). For more info, go to: Is this about what you will spend??     … Continue reading Wedding Season: What You’ll Spend to Attend

What Every Groom Should Know

Stick it into your head that the bride is the star of the wedding day. But you definitely wouldn’t want to leave your bride’s side on that particular occasion. So you have to look good. And you’ve just asked her to spend the rest of her days with you, so you better make her happy about her decision. Sounds demanding? Good, because being a groom really is. But you’ll find it easier if you start on the right footing. Here are some wise reminders for you. They range from choosing your outfit to being more romantic. They may be very simple, but you’ll find them very effective that you’ll be … Continue reading What Every Groom Should Know

Top 25 Wedding Planning Tips from Real Couples

So you are planning a wedding.   Are you facing so many wedding planning details that you are going crazy?   Here are some wedding planning tips from brides that have been through what you are now experiencing. From Style Unveiled, the top 25 wedding planning tips are: Take Your Time Be Present In Each Moment Do A First Look Don’t Get Caught Up In “Perfection” Have Faith That All Of Your Efforts Will Be Worth It Share Something Personal And Unique With Your Guests Try Not To Stress (Even When It Seems Impossible) Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize Accept That You Can’t Please Everyone Be A Team Throughout The Entire Process … Continue reading Top 25 Wedding Planning Tips from Real Couples

Elite Utah Wedding Venues: Escaping the Cultural Hall

Please forgive me for the snarky title! But as someone who has attended a lot of friends’ weddings in Utah, I just can’t help myself. There’s something awesome about local chapels being available for people to have their wedding venues. But let’s be honest; they’re huge, windowless basketball courts for the most part. Doesn’t exactly scream “Fairytale Wedding,” does it? Let’s be clear: I’ve seen miracles (of the event planning nature) worked in LDS ward house gymnasiums. I’m not knocking a well-planned, elegantly designed wedding, and you can make any space work. But even those weddings that I’ve been impressed by can’t compare to the enchanting atmosphere that you can … Continue reading Elite Utah Wedding Venues: Escaping the Cultural Hall

How much will your wedding costs be?

According to a recent national survey of nearly 18,000 brides, the average US wedding cost was $28,427.   The study shows that this is the highest level since 2008.   Here is the breakdown of   the wedding costs: Wedding Reception Venue – $12,905 Engagement Ring – $5,431 Reception Band – $3,084 Wedding Photography – $2,379 Wedding Ceremony Site – $1,711 Wedding Gown – $1,211 Wedding Flowers and Decor – $1,997 Wedding Videography – $$1,619 Wedding Planner – $1,847 Grooms Tuxedo – $230 Rehearsal Dinner – $1,135 Wedding Reception DJ – $988 Wedding Transportation – $708 Wedding Ceremony Musicians – $554 Wedding Cake – $560 Wedding Invitations – $344 Wedding … Continue reading How much will your wedding costs be?

Valentine’s Day Weddings on a Ferris Wheel

From hundreds of online applications, a few lucky couples were chosen to have their weddings on a 65 foot ferris wheel in Sandy, Utah on Valentine’s Day.   The wedding ceremony was performed by Murray Mayor Dan Snarr.   Radio station K-Bull 93 and Scheels sponsored the wedding ceremony on a ferris wheel at Scheels on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013. See more photos at: What do you think?   Would you participate in this circle of love??

My Wedding Speech

Tom Fletcher is the lead singer/songwriter of Europe’s hit band Mcfly.   He said he is not any good at speeches, so he decided instead of giving a wedding speech; he would perform a song version.     Take a look at “My Wedding Speech”.   What do you think?? Link:  

Fort Gordon Couple Marries Through Skype

A Fort Gordon couple got married Sunday through Skype while the groom was serving in Afghanistan. Jacqueline Durham spent her wedding day like most brides. From her bedazzled bride outfit, she got ready with her bridesmaids and took plenty of pictures. But, there was also something not on a typical bride to be list: to check her internet connection. Jacqueline would marry her Fort Gordon soldier through Skype while he is still stationed in overseas in Afghanistan. “He told me about it,” Jacqueline told NBC 26. “And he’s like what do you think about that? Do you want to do that? And I was like, of course. Since we can’t … Continue reading Fort Gordon Couple Marries Through Skype

6 Often Overlooked Wedding Planning Details


Make sure your wedding day goes smoothly by remembering these 6 wedding planning tips. 1) Entertainment for Children If there will be children at your wedding or reception, be sure to plan something fun to entertain them.   Some excellent ideas are: Coloring books, board games and crafts.   If there will be many younger children at your event, set up a nearby room with a DVD player and games and delegate one or two older children to stay and supervise.   At mealtime, consider seating little ones with their parents so they’ll behave while eating.   Planning ahead so children will not become bored will create peace for you … Continue reading 6 Often Overlooked Wedding Planning Details

Utah couple say ‘I DO’ at 13,000 feet then jump

This bride and groom tied the knot 13,000 feet above the Tooele Valley and capped off their high-flying Utah wedding by jumping out of the airplane and floating gently to earth. By John Hollenhorst, Deseret News Published: Thursday, Nov. 1 2012 7:15 p.m. MDT TOOELE — For Allan and Emily Wood, the high point in their marriage so far might have been the first few seconds. On Thursday, the Utah couple tied the knot 13,000 feet above the Tooele Valley. The bride and groom capped off their high-flying wedding by jumping out of the airplane and floating gently to earth. “I loved it,” the grinning bride said after she was … Continue reading Utah couple say ‘I DO’ at 13,000 feet then jump

Wedding Insurance for Your Peace of Mind

A wedding insurance policy can cover your wedding and financially protect you against misfortune and mishap. Wedding Insurance is exactly what it sounds like – an insurance policy that covers your wedding and financially protects you against misfortune and mishap. Wedding Insurance policies are relatively inexpensive. For as little as $160, you can protect the investment you’ve made into this one important day in your life. And, you can receive coverage anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years before the event. Some examples of coverage include: No Dress: If the bride’s wedding gown or the groom’s tuxedo is lost or damaged, you can receive compensation to get it repaired or … Continue reading Wedding Insurance for Your Peace of Mind

5 couples in same family marry in mega wedding

How  about planning 5 weddings on the same day? MESA, Ariz. – If you think planning for a wedding can be stressful, how about five weddings from the same family on the same day? The Waldie family of Mesa made it happen Friday. They dubbed this the mega wedding — three sisters, two brothers and their fiances decided to make it official on the same day. Siblings Sydney, Brooke, Bradford, Walker, and Emily, the Waldie five, are somewhat of a local sensation with their weddings all falling on the same day. “It’s been three months of running and no sleep,” laughs mom Kristen Waldie. “They think we’re crazy or that … Continue reading 5 couples in same family marry in mega wedding

A Wedding Wishing Tree for Your Wedding

Want to try an alternative to the traditional wedding guest book? Wishing Tree Cards are a wonderful alternative or supplement to the traditional guest book. It allows your wedding guests to convey their well wishes to the bride and groom AND allows you to turn those wishes into a keepsake for years to come. Everyone knows the guest book but there is a new alternative, called a Wishing Tree, which has slowly been creeping its way into more and more weddings. Guests not only sign their name to a card, but they also have space to add their best wishes to the new bride and groom. Then they can hang … Continue reading A Wedding Wishing Tree for Your Wedding

Have a Mobile Wedding Ceremony in Las Vegas

Are you tired of your wedding planning? Rev. Andy (left) and Rev. James (right) were inspired to start the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon by the idea that having fun and making people happy would be one of the best jobs on the planet. By providing couples with an unforgettable way to tie the knot in Las Vegas, the two reverends have found their calling in “mobile matrimony.” From its inception, the Wedding Wagon experience was designed to be simple and affordable while also being innovative. You have your choice of most any location and can use the sliding door on a sidewalk or the back doors for a more elegant … Continue reading Have a Mobile Wedding Ceremony in Las Vegas

How to Coordinate Bridal Jewelry with Your Bouquet

When choosing bridal accessories, it is important to make sure that they coordinate with your entire bridal look.   Bridal jewelry is one of the most exciting things to pick out for an upcoming wedding.   The right jewelry will compliment your ensemble, instead of being a major focal point.   That being said, many photos will be taken of your jewelry, often close-up.   Coordinating jewelry with your bouquet is a great way to make sure that you look pulled-together in each photo. Color is an important factor when coordinating jewelry with flowers.   Before choosing your bridal jewelry, know what flowers you will be carrying and what colors … Continue reading How to Coordinate Bridal Jewelry with Your Bouquet

Bride, Mother and Grandmother all wear the same Wedding Dress

A creamy white wedding  dress of silk and handmade lace that was worn first by her grandmother in 1960, then by her mother in 1983 was worn by Katy Elder. This Oklahoma bride certainly had “something old” and “something borrowed” on her June 30, 2012 wedding day. “I always knew that I wanted to wear this dress,” Elder said.   “I love the style. It’s not like what everybody else is wearing. And the meaning behind it means much more than anything else.” What do you think?    Would you wear your Mothers or Grandmothers wedding dress? Read more and see images at:

So You’re Getting Married – Legal Tips for Tying the Knot

By Spencer Topham I’ll admit it: On my wedding day, the legal and financial consequences of marriage were the last thing on my mind. Seemingly larger concerns such as catering, flowers, guests and honeymoon arrangements relegated any other thoughts to the deep background. Although this mindset is representative of the vast majority of couples entering into marriage, the success or failure of most marriages hinges on each couple’s ability to deal with issues such as financial assets, communication, conflict, parenting and so forth.  Marriage is a contract that carries significant legal and financial consequences.  Consider the following issues and discuss any concerns with your future spouse before tying the knot. … Continue reading So You’re Getting Married – Legal Tips for Tying the Knot

A love story: Triathlon first, then wedding marks couple’s lifelong race together

Published: Saturday, June 9 2012 8:07 p.m. MDT HIGHLAND – For a bride on her wedding day the morning is usually reserved for personal wedding preparations, getting hair beautifully coiffed and perfect makeup in place in anticipation of that trip to the altar. But for Shannon Beasley, 35, Saturday morning began well before 6 a.m. as she joined her fiance, Colby Louis Beal, 25, for stretching and warm-up in anticipation of the open water swim, bike leg and finishing run. Makeup was replaced by beads of sweat as the pair took part in the 4th annual Daybreak Triathlon. “It’s crazy, it is definitely crazy, it may have been a bad … Continue reading A love story: Triathlon first, then wedding marks couple’s lifelong race together

Tornado doesn’t stop Kansas couple’s wedding day

By HEATHER HOLLINGSWORTH, Associated Press KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — In the plains of central Kansas, tornadoes are so unremarkable that wedding guests barely flinched as a barrel-racing bride wed her bull-riding groom with a twister dropping from the sky just miles away. But for people living outside Tornado Alley, Caleb and Candra Pence’s wedding last Saturday is generating the kind of buzz usually reserved for celebrity nuptials. The video of the service has gone viral, garnering more than 20,000 views on YouTube and a flurry of media coverage. “It is amazing how fast it has taken off,” said the groom’s uncle, Lee Pence, who shot the video. After Saturday’s … Continue reading Tornado doesn’t stop Kansas couple’s wedding day

The Locking of Hearts in Paris

By Roland Lepore For the Deseret News Summary Bridges I had crossed multiple times before in Paris are now covered with padlocks as a representation of a couple’s love for each other – locking of hearts. This new phenomenon has been spreading all over Europe as a symbol of eternal love. On a recent visit to Paris I noticed something somewhat unusual I had never seen, or at least not to the extent I witnessed this time. Bridges I had crossed multiple times before were now covered with padlocks as a representation of a couple’s love for each other. I later learned that this new phenomenon has been spreading all … Continue reading The Locking of Hearts in Paris

Wedding Dues Lead to Don’ts

Wall Street Journal – April 12, 2012, 10:28 p.m. ET ByMICHAEL HOWARD SAUL Bride-to-be Jenn Jarvis thought she had found the perfect venue for her wedding this year: Brooklyn Bridge Park, a waterfront expanse with emerald lawns and sweeping views of Manhattan, all for just $25. “Our awesome caterers, event planners, said, ‘It will be gorgeous and lovely, and it’s only a $25 permit fee,’ ” she said. She soon learned, however, that on Dec. 1, the nonrefundable fee quietly jumped to $425. While the increase wasn’t the last straw that prodded Ms. Jarvis and her fiance to hold the wedding elsewhere, it was a “pretty big straw,” she said. … Continue reading Wedding Dues Lead to Don’ts

Top 5 Reasons to Tent Your Wedding

After 23 years in the rental business we at Camelot Party Rentals have got a solid foundation when it comes to tenting events. Tents are no longer just for Girl Scouts and die hard campers, these days they are an elegant affordable way to have an indoor outdoor wedding. Here are Camelot Party Rental’s top reasons to tent your wedding. Rain, rain, Stay Away from my Wedding Day: Weather is an unpredictable enemy to outdoor events. Weather permitting, you can still have the outdoor wedding ceremony of your dreams, but having the reception tented offers you an elegant back up plan if the clouds come your way and the wind … Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Tent Your Wedding

Bike Ad Leads to a Wedding for Buyer and Seller

While looking for a good deal on a road bike, the 27-year-old Riverton man ended up with a wedding, too. SALT LAKE CITY — Online classifieds ended up getting Tyler Newman far more than he bargained for. While looking for a good deal on a road bike, the 27-year-old Riverton man ended up with a wedding, too. “I thought it was a great deal,” he said, standing hand-in-hand with Michelle Oliverson Newman, 22, at the Salt Lake LDS Temple. The two were wed Friday, following almost a year of courtship, which began with an advertisement posted online last May. Newman had been looking for something to help him train for … Continue reading Bike Ad Leads to a Wedding for Buyer and Seller

Elizabeth Smart marries in Hawaii

See the wedding photographs in People Magazine. LAIE, Hawaii — Elizabeth Smart and Matthew Gilmour were married Saturday on the North Shore of the island of Oahu. The couple exchanged vows at the Laie Hawaii Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in front of a small group of immediate family members, according to a statement released by Smart family spokesman Chris Thomas. The wedding party was celebrated at a private reception and luau. Following Saturday’s festivities, the couple planned to leave on an extended honeymoon to an undisclosed location. “Elizabeth Smarts’s desire was for what most women want — to celebrate her nuptials in a private … Continue reading Elizabeth Smart marries in Hawaii

Marryoke – The new cheesy wedding trend

For the last few years, couples made their special day unique by copying coordinated dance routines down the aisle and at the reception, after that one couple did it on YouTube. Now, there’s a whole new “unique” thing everyone is doing: Marryoke. Marryoke is lip-synch karaoke that a wedding videographer captures your guests performing at different times of the wedding. When they edit it all together, you get a music video of your wedding, set to the timeless song of your choosing: Classic wedding songs like Etta James’s “At Last” and — nope, actually, Marryoke is mostly done to songs that aren’t likely to stand the test of time, like … Continue reading Marryoke – The new cheesy wedding trend

U S Postal Service Issues Wedding Cake Stamp

New Postal Stamp Adds Beauty, Romance, to Wedding Invitations.January 20, 2012 – ALEXANDRIA, VA — Brides to be can get ready to mail their wedding invitations now that the Postal Service is issuing a 65-cent Wedding Cake stamp that goes on sale today. The stamp, issued in sheets of 20, is a perfect addition for mailing wedding invitations weighing up to 2 ounces or other First-Class Mail such as oversize cards or small gifts requiring extra postage.“Sure to add a touch of beauty and romance to wedding correspondence, the Wedding Cake stamp, first introduced in 2009, is a timeless addition to the U.S. Postal Service’s Weddings series,” said U.S. Postal … Continue reading U S Postal Service Issues Wedding Cake Stamp

Elizabeth Smart is Engaged Summer Wedding Planned

Deseret News – SALT LAKE CITY — Elizabeth Smart is engaged to marry. A summer wedding is planned, said Chris Thomas of the Salt Lake public relations firm Intrepid Group. Thomas would  neither identify Smart’s fiance nor confirm how the couple met. The pair became engaged this past weekend. Sources, however, have identified him as Matthew Gilmour of Scotland. Smart, 24, is “happy and excited for this next chapter in her life,” Thomas said. “She has planned to be very public in her child advocacy work but wants to keep the details of her personal life private.” Elizabeth Smart’s father, Ed Smart, said he and his wife, Lois, are “just … Continue reading Elizabeth Smart is Engaged Summer Wedding Planned

New Twist For Old Wedding Traditions

Here are some things to consider if you want  to liven up the old Wedding Traditions – Old: White Wedding Dress New: You can still wear the traditional white or ivory wedding dress but how about throwing in splashes of color with sashes and colorful jewelry. Wake it up and rock it out with your favorite colors. Old: Confetti of Rice New: Sparklers (the colors of your wedding theme), glitter and air-popped popcorn. Instead of tulle bags try tossing cones. Old: Bridal March Canon D New: Have the Wedding DJ play your favorite tune, hire a cellist or quartet to play an instrumental version of your favorite rock song that … Continue reading New Twist For Old Wedding Traditions

Stolen Wedding Photo Album Returned after 17 Years

An album of wedding photographs has been returned after going missing for 17 years. The images commemorating Nigel and Gillian Stewart’s marriage had been in their caravan which was stolen. Following failed media appeals for its return, the wedding photo album was left outside their home in Gilford, County Down, inside a plastic bag on Tuesday afternoon, BBC News reports. Gillian said: “I thought I was seeing things. I was absolutely stunned. Speechless… It’s lovely for the children – they only know their dad with grey hair.” She called on the person who left the album to make themselves known even if they had stolen the caravan, adding: “You needn’t … Continue reading Stolen Wedding Photo Album Returned after 17 Years

More Stolen Wedding Photos

Here is another tragic story.   Make sure you take care of your wedding photos! By Andrew Adams, Deseret News                         Published: Friday, Nov. 18, 2011 7:34 p.m. MST BIG COTTONWOOD CANYON — Pennsylvania newlyweds are out their wedding pictures and a Utah-based wedding photographer is missing his gear, after his truck was burglarized in the canyon. Now, the couple is offering a $1,000 reward in hopes that their photos can still be recovered. Photographer Sean Sullivan went fly-fishing in the canyon last week and was gone for just minutes. He said Friday the burglar or burglars broke through … Continue reading More Stolen Wedding Photos

Would You Have an Android Wedding?

Are you a hardcore Android fan?  Probably not as much as Vanessa Kenworthy and Rhys Kenworthy.  They took Android love to a new level with their  Android themed wedding and reception! Starting with the 30″ Android wedding cake to vows exchanged via their Android phones, this was a wedding like no other. Be sure to check out the news coverage and pictures from the wedding – Would you do this?

Wedding Splurges Worth The Money

The biggest mistake you can make budget wise is spending money on things that will never be noticed by your guest. If you’re going to spend the extra money try these WOW-packed ideas: Lighting: Order a custom-made gobo light of your monogram, or project a design from your wedding  invitation over the dance floor. Ceremony Decor:Ask your florist to cover a canopy with lush flowers and hanging votive candles or blossom-bedecked lanterns to create vocal points. Your guest will love it! The Entryway: Ask the servers to greet guest with glasses of champagne or a signature cocktail so that they feel taken care of from the moment they enter the … Continue reading Wedding Splurges Worth The Money

Good and Bad of Holiday Weekend Weddings

Here is a blog with some things to consider if you are thinking about planning your wedding on a Holiday Weekend. October 4th, 2011  From: The Q: I’m debating having my wedding over Labor Day weekend. The thing is, my family loves the idea because it gives us a long weekend to celebrate, but I personally actually HATE traveling over holiday weekends and having them committed to a wedding. Do you have any thoughts about this, pro or con? In your experience, is it better or worse for guests? The A: Hmmm. This is a good one. One of the greatest weddings that I’ve ever attended as a guest … Continue reading Good and Bad of Holiday Weekend Weddings

How to Make Your Wedding Gown Unique

Do you want your wedding gown to stand out? An Enlighted Wedding Dress is the answer! This gorgeous wedding dress was made even more special by the installation of about 300 warm white LEDs throughout the skirt. The lights simulated the effect of candlelight with the gold-tinted color of the LEDs, and with a soft random flickering pattern. The lights were arranged in a random pattern, with the density increasing towards the bottom of the skirt. The batteries were hidden inside the wider part of the skirt, and the lights were turned on by remote control. See video at So as not to be outdone, these are also available … Continue reading How to Make Your Wedding Gown Unique

HOW TO Tastefully Use Social Media at Your Wedding

As social media becomes more and more a part of our lives, etiquette failures can occur when there are so few precedents. A wedding day is the perfect example of this. You want to share your special day with your social circle, especially those who can’t attend, but where do you draw the line? We’ve talked to experts in the wedding industry and a recent bride to try and establish the ground rules for tastefully using social media at your wedding. Check out their advice and let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. 1. Pre-Wedding Preparations Introducing wedding attendees online before the big day can help … Continue reading HOW TO Tastefully Use Social Media at Your Wedding

Bridesmaid Attends Wedding via iPad

Would you do this for your wedding? Would you ever virtually attend a wedding – let alone be a digital bridesmaid? That’s what Renee did at her best friend’s marriage ceremony in Colorado. She was asked to be a bridesmaid, but was unable to make the trip from Richmond, Virginia. That’s when she virtually pinged in using Apple’s FaceTime app for the iPad 2.   One of the groomsman carried the iPad down the aisle as Renee Armstrong was able to see the whole ceremony. The bride, Jamie Alberico, was ecstatic to have her friend attend her wedding Even though she wasn’t wearing the same wedding attire, “she got to … Continue reading Bridesmaid Attends Wedding via iPad

Byte Wedding – Computer to Marry Texas Couple

Associated Press July 29, 2011 HOUSTON (AP) – You could call it “My Big Fat Computer Geek Wedding.” After a Houston couple couldn’t get a friend to serve as the minister at their wedding, they decided to create their own. When Miguel Hanson and his fiancee, Diana Wesley, get married on Saturday, a computer will conduct the ceremony. Well, technically, a computer program Hanson wrote will serve as the minister. During the wedding, to be held in the Houston home of Hanson’s parents, the couple will stand before a 30-inch monitor in the backyard. In a robotic voice, the computer will greet the guests, say how the couple met and … Continue reading Byte Wedding – Computer to Marry Texas Couple

Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

Here is the perfect bride-on-a-budget wedding gown (unless you count your time). The seventh annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest was held Thursday, July 7, in Boca Raton, Florida. Dresses were judged on beauty, creativity and originality. Beating out nearly 1,000 contestants, Orchard Lake, Michigan-native Susan Brennan took the $1,000 prize for her creation–a strapless wedding gown complete with rosettes and feathers and balanced the dress with pleats on the bodice. She used hot glue, packing tape, and four rolls (that’s all?) of toilet paper.  “I wanted to create something elegant yet playfully sophisticated, and I wanted it to be full of detail,” said Brennan.  The wedding gown took her … Continue reading Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

Before the Wedding – The TOP 25 Signs to Watch Out For

Before your wedding review this TOP 25 checklist of signs or Red Flags that we hope will be helpful to pay attention to when considering your date or prospective partner. Mark Ogletree, MFT, PhD. & Victor W. Harris, MS When visiting with couples, we often ask a husband or wife if any of the bizarre behaviors and practices their spouse is currently demonstrating was manifested during their dating and courtship. Surprisingly, many men and women say, “Yes, I noticed that, but I thought once we were married it would go away.” Others will say, “I tried not to notice it.” It is wise not to ignore the clues and hints … Continue reading Before the Wedding – The TOP 25 Signs to Watch Out For

How to have An Amazing Wedding – Where to Start?

The Most Important Thing You Need To START WITH to Have the BEST WEDDING BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE! BONUS – What to do later to Make SURE your BEST WEDDING is not DISRUPTED When planning for a wedding we encounter every type of situation from our clients. Sometimes we get calls a year in advance and we have plenty of time to make elicit the client’s wishes and make sure all the details are in sync with those wishes. Sometimes we get calls from a caterer or planner who has a client that has 3-4 weeks to their wedding. I personally had a year and a half to put together my … Continue reading How to have An Amazing Wedding – Where to Start?

5 Marriage Myths and Realistic Expectations


These 5 relationship tips are important to remember before and after your wedding day! Many, if not most, expectations for marriage are based on idealized myths. If realities within a relationship do not match the myth, one or both partners may think they have made a terrible mistake. A few of the myths about marriage are: MYTH: A good marriage will always be romantic. REALITY: Virtually all relationships experience peaks and valleys. Sometimes, the realities of married life will often cloud over romantic feelings. Scott Peck, in his book The Road Less Traveled, stated — “Every couple falls in love; every couple falls out of love.” Just because the feelings … Continue reading 5 Marriage Myths and Realistic Expectations

Makeup Tips for Tattoo Coverage

Your wedding day has arrived! How do you cover your tattoo? Your  wedding day has arrived and for a variety of reasons, you have decided that you want to cover your tattoo.  You have seen the tattoo cover-up kits sold online, but do they really work?  What about airbrush make-up?  What is the best method for covering a tattoo? Questions to keep in mind when selecting the best method to cover your tattoo: ·                 Is your dress strapless? ·                 Will your wedding dress come in contact with the covered area? ·       … Continue reading Makeup Tips for Tattoo Coverage

5 Marriage Traps to Avoid

Three marital experts give the top five right and top five wrong reasons to get married. WRONG REASON NUMBER 1: Sexual attraction may not last forever Too many people confuse sexual attraction with love and that can lead to a short-lived marriage, explains Michele Weiner Davis, a US therapist and author of The Sex-Starved Marriage and The Sex-Starved Wife. The novelty of being with someone will turn on anyone,” she says. When the sexual attraction wanes, if there’s no mutual trust and a joint view of the future, the marriage fades as well. Her advice is clear: sexual attraction between two people is a good thing and energizes the marriage. … Continue reading 5 Marriage Traps to Avoid

2010 Real Weddings Survey Results

Here are some interesting Statistics from the 4TH Annual Survey of nearly 19,000 U.S. brides married in 2010 conducted by & Wedding Spend (excluding honeymoon): $26,984 Most Expensive Area to Get Married (excluding honeymoon): NYC (Manhattan), $70,030 Least Expensive Area to Get Married (excluding honeymoon): Utah, $13,214 Wedding Dress Spend: $1,099 Percentage of Destination Weddings: 24% Bride’s Age: 29 Groom’s Age: 31 Number of Guests: 141 Average Wedding Spend (on a per guest basis): $194 Number of Bridesmaids: 4 Number of Groomsmen: 4 Length of Engagement: 14 months Most Popular Engagement Month: December (16%) Most Popular Wedding Month: June (15%) Most Popular Wedding Color: White/Ivory (43%) – Purple … Continue reading 2010 Real Weddings Survey Results

Unique Wedding Reception Treat Ideas – Hot Cocoa and S’mores Bar

Looking for a unique idea for your wedding reception treats?  Here are some photos taken at The Canterbury Place Wedding Show. Notice the pictures on the wall.  Use wedding photos or decorations to tie things together. The Hot Cocoa in on the left and the on S’mores on the right. You wedding guests will love the assortment of chocolate to go  around the melted marshmellows. Different flavors for the Hot Cocoa available to suite each wedding guest. Chocolate coated spoons add flavor and look wonderful.  Use colors to match your wedding reception colors. Mint candies and Cinnamon Sticks for added flavor. For pricing on the Hot Coca and S’more bars … Continue reading Unique Wedding Reception Treat Ideas – Hot Cocoa and S’mores Bar

Questions to ask when Selecting a Wedding Venue

Questions to ask when Selecting a Wedding Ceremony or Reception Center Choosing a location for your wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception is an important decision. You will want to shop around for the venue that will best fit your needs. Here are a few things to consider: What is your budget? Who will be making the final decision? How will you be paying for the event? Does the venue offer financing? How many wedding or reception guests are you inviting? Is the location convenient and centrally located for your wedding guests? Is there a safe, well lighted parking lot? How many parking spaces are available? What kind of security is … Continue reading Questions to ask when Selecting a Wedding Venue

Candy Bar Tips

Candy Bar Tips for your wedding reception from The Canterbury Place. Here is a good idea for a wedding reception. Thanks to Ashley from The Canterbury Place for putting this together. At The Canterbury Place, our favorite favor is the candy bar. Not only it is delicious, but it is also an interactive part of your reception that everyone will love and remember. Below are tips on having a beautiful set-up that is sure to make your guests feel like a kid in a candy store! 1. Color, color, color Match your candy to your wedding colors to keep a cohesive look. This edited palette will help pull in the … Continue reading Candy Bar Tips

Wedding Planner Almost Crashes AZ Couple’s Wedding

Arizona Pair Say Utah Wedding Planner Scammed Them Of $30,000. Marya Piani, CBS 5 News – POSTED: 10:48 am MST September 17, 2010 PARK CITY, Utah — Wedding Day is supposed to be one of the most memorable days of a couple’s life. But a Phoenix area couple’s wedding dreams almost crashed because of a wedding planner they claim ran off with nearly $30,000 of their money. For the past year while living in Arizona, Tina and Nate Herd planned their dream wedding at a Park City, Utah, Ski Resort. They said they got close to 37-year-old Tania Clark the wedding planner from nearby Heber City, Utah They checked her … Continue reading Wedding Planner Almost Crashes AZ Couple’s Wedding

Would You Wear a Red Wedding Gown?

There was a recent article on CNN Living titled Brides buck tradition and ditch the white dress.  They quote bridal consultant Susan Rogers as saying, “In the last 10 to 15 years, everything went from white to ivory.  I think they figured out that everyone really didn’t look good in white. … Nobody orders white anymore. It’s kind of a faux pas.” Information provided by Bridal Guide disputes the CNN details by saying, “A 2002 Reader Service Study indicates that 57% of bridal gowns were white; 38% were ivory; the remaining 5% were some other color.” The question was asked again in a 2009 survey and things had not changed … Continue reading Would You Wear a Red Wedding Gown?

9 Beauty Tips for the Bride

Your big day is fast approaching. Here are 9 simple Bridal Beauty tips that will make sure you will look your very best on your wedding day. Begin looking for your hairstyle as soon as you choose a wedding date. Look on the internet and bridal magazines for hair inspiration. Save the pictures of your favorite styles. Narrow down your selections as you progress in your planning. To create a custom wedding hairstyle, you can choose parts of a style that you may like. For example, you may like the bangs in picture one and the curls in picture two. Choose a stylist that you are comfortable with and has … Continue reading 9 Beauty Tips for the Bride

Would You Want to be Married by a Robot?

Eyes flashing, robot conducts wedding in Tokyo TOKYO – Almost everyone stood when the bride walked down the aisle in her white gown, but not the wedding conductor, because she was bolted to her chair. The nuptials at this ceremony were led by “I-Fairy,” a 4-foot (1.5-meter) tall seated robot with flashing eyes and plastic pigtails. Sunday’s wedding was the first time a marriage had been led by a robot, according to manufacturer Kokoro Co. “Please lift the bride’s veil,” the robot said in a tinny voice, waving its arms in the air as the newlyweds kissed in front of about 50 guests. The wedding took place at a restaurant … Continue reading Would You Want to be Married by a Robot?

Mind Your Manners OR A Brief Etiquette Spread

At your wedding or any other time, your great smile and perfect physique may not be enough to compensate for your fumbling through a 12- to 20-piece formal place setting. Instead of sentencing yourself to a fake-it-till-you-make-it evening, brush up on your grace with our brief etiquette spread. Or learn how to set the table for a proper wedding lunch or dinner. Warning: Because the primary purpose of etiquette is to make people feel comfortable in social situations by establishing accepted standards, the most egregious thing a person can do is use it pretentiously, especially by openly correcting anyone. Etiquette — “a code of behavior based on thoughtfulness,” according to … Continue reading Mind Your Manners OR A Brief Etiquette Spread

Wedding Engagement Rings for the Groom?

45 percent of women are interested in buying their fiancees Wedding Engagement Rings.   What do you think?? Wedding Engagement Rings for the Groom? – If you like him, put a ring on him! Say “engagement ring” and you probably picture a little velvet box that the harried groom-to-be, or groom-to-be-rejected, is fumbling around with in his pocket. At that right moment, he will stop, drop and propose. The often diamond-crusted band will be given to the future bride, representing a quasi-contractual commitment to stand on high heels in a receiving line at a bedazzled stake center gym for four hours. In return, sometimes she receives another ring, perhaps to … Continue reading Wedding Engagement Rings for the Groom?

How to Choose a Wedding Diamond

Here is some expert advice when it comes to choosing a Wedding Diamond. Expert ice advice – A go-to diamond guide for those approaching this summer’s wedding season without a clue. Cost A ring is meant to be a reminder, a symbol of eternal commitment. But for some brides-to-be, a ring is also either a status symbol (“Look how loaded my guy is”) or a measurement of his love (“Look how much he loves me”). Before taking that terrifying trip to the jeweler, first determine your budget and stick to it. You chose her for eternity, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend that much time paying for it. … Continue reading How to Choose a Wedding Diamond

Tips for Curly Hair Brides

Hey Curly Brides! The first step to healthy hair is getting all of that crap that’s been imbedded in your follicles for the past however-many years outta there! It may take some getting used to, but the right products will do the trick if you just hang in there! While in the shower: First use a shampoo that actually cleans your hair and strips it of the alcohol and sulfate-based product that you’ve been using until now. Be sure to massage from the roots and don’t over shampoo (A quarter size is plenty) A little product goes a long way! Give your scalp a nice massage! Second, apply conditioner. (You … Continue reading Tips for Curly Hair Brides

FREE Online Relationship Questionnaire

RELATE is an online relationship questionnaire designed to provide you with research-based feedback about how you are doing in your relationship. It is the only existing questionnaire with feedback that has been scientifically proven to help couples improve their relationships. Each partner completes the questionnaire individually and within minutes after completion, a detailed assessment report is generated. The report includes graphs and text to help couples discuss the most important issues in their relationship. It also helps partners recognize strengths in their relationship, discover resources, identify potential problems, and open a dialogue about their values, attitudes and beliefs about marriage itself. RELATE usually costs $10/person, but you can participate FREE … Continue reading FREE Online Relationship Questionnaire

Wedding Spending is Down for 2009

The average cost of a wedding in 2009 drops 10.2% over 2008 2009 Wedding Industry spending Numbers The wedding cost numbers for 2009 are in and they look close to expected. Couples spent $19,581 in 2009 compared to $21,814 in 2008, a 10.2% decline. The average number of guests in 2009 was 128, a decline of 11.7% from 145 in 2008. Jewelry, gifts, and invitations lead the way for spending decline as couples spent 50.8% less on anklets, 44.1% less on gifts for their parents, and 36.4% less on reception menus. Musicians, Soloist, or Ensemble, Photographer, and wedding dress top the list of spending increases as couples spent 23.3% more … Continue reading Wedding Spending is Down for 2009

Photography and Videography Styles Brides Want


2010 Photography and Videography Styles Brides Want Most Recent results from a photography and videography survey show that 2010 brides and grooms most (57%) interested in black and white shots and least (2%) interested in trashing the dress. Here is a list of photography and videography styles tracked in the survey from most intersested to least interested. Black and White Shots Pre-Wedding Shoot Reception Prints Candid Style Unexpected Angle Shots Engagement Session Wedding Movie Photojournalism, Documentary, or Indie Style Wedding Outtakes Contemporary Vintage Cherish the Dress Mixing Film and Photos Fashion or Fine Art Photography Style Rent a Photo Booth High-Definition Recording None of these Editorial Style Proposal Photography Boudoir … Continue reading Photography and Videography Styles Brides Want

Wedding Costs Unexpectedly Increase

Are you finding this to be the case? According to The Wedding Report, the average cost of a wedding unexpectedly increases by 34% from $16,546 in Q2 2009 to $22,121 in Q3 2009. Increased demand and October being the busiest month in 2009 contributed to the increase. Results based on 750 survey samples of brides, grooms, and wedding vendors across the US. Average cost based on weighted average demand. Top Spending Changes     Q2 2009 Q3 2009 % Chg Reception Bar Service $1,617 $2,732 69% Ordained Friend, Family Member $113 $189 67% Reception Food Service $2,786 $4,326 55% Live Band $1,438 $2,198 53% Antique Car Rental $576 $875 52% … Continue reading Wedding Costs Unexpectedly Increase

The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is the best place to relax right before the wedding. The name is exactly what the event actually is. It is the dinner after your rehearse the wedding. The dinner is usually held the night before the wedding. The couple and the wedding party will meet at the ceremony location and the officiant will go through the wedding process with them. Afterwards, the rehearsal dinner is held in celebration of the upcoming wedding. The rehearsal dinner is usually hosted (and paid for) by the groom’s parents. Sometimes the couple may choose to pay for the party, or it may be a collective effort by both sets of … Continue reading The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

History of Wedding Cakes

The history of wedding cakes is a long one… The tradition of the bridal – wedding cakes dates back to the Roman era.   Certainly the Romans were not in the habit of baking elaborate or elegant wedding cakes with buttercream icing and custom wedding-cake toppers. Usually they used loaves of wheat bread. The loaf of bread was broken over the heads of the newlyweds to bring them luck and prosperity. Sometimes it was broken only over the bride’s head, usually by the groom. The crumbs of wedding cake, that landed on the floor symbolized good luck and fertility for the bride and groom, and it was considered good luck … Continue reading History of Wedding Cakes

Learning Languages of Love in Marriage (and Dating)

by Dr. H. Wallace Goddard University of Arkansas   Love is more than words. It is more than an occasional gift. Love is a commitment to another person that shows itself in our willingness to adapt to and cooperate with another person. It is hard work. When we are first courting a person we are delighted that someone notices us and cares about us. Every gift is cherished. As the years pass, it requires more than any-old-gift to show genuine love. But, if we have been paying attention, we know more about what is important to our partner. We are better at loving. Loving is the most rewarding thing a … Continue reading Learning Languages of Love in Marriage (and Dating)

Marriage Can Be Good For Health

Married men usually are healthier than men who are single either by choice or by chance. Researchers who measure both mental and physical health report that married women rank second; they are followed by single women and then single men, said Bill Doherty, professor of family social science, University of Minnesota. The health-and-happiness benefits attributed to marriage shouldn’t come as a surprise-marriage confers benefits that go beyond what partners bring into the marriage. It’s not just that healthier or more responsible people marry and, therefore, married people are healthier and more responsible. It’s that being married changes people for the better. For example, couples can benefit from strong social support. … Continue reading Marriage Can Be Good For Health

Should You have an Engagement Party?

Now that you’re engaged, the best way to tell everyone is with a party!   Even though engagement parties are optional- it’s still a fun thing to do. If your relatives have not yet met your fiance an engagement party is a better place for them to meet than at the wedding itself. An engagement party is also a great way for either side of parents to show their support of your upcoming wedding, or it is a great way for you to pitch in to the wedding costs as a couple. Usually an engagement party will take place within two months after the actual engagement. Of course, if you’re … Continue reading Should You have an Engagement Party?

Preparation for Marriage: 10 Things You’ll Wish You Knew

By Victor W. Harris, MS                   As you prepare to enter into marriage, you will need to unscramble and negotiate all kinds of issues between you and your partner. Therefore, your first task is to see if you can unscramble the ten most important principles and ideas related to marriage preparation below. You will receive one word from each phrase to get you started. When you are done, click on the number next to the scrambled word or phrase to learn more about how you and your partner can prepare for this exciting event. ehetr stages fo aagmeirr marriage ymsht marital ttcfaissnaio … Continue reading Preparation for Marriage: 10 Things You’ll Wish You Knew

Organizing Wedding Receipts and Info


There are two main things that you will need to put in your “Wedding Planning” notebook: receipts and general information. If you keep track of these two simple things, your wedding planning will go a lot smoother. Receipts The best way to make sure you are staying within your budget is to check your receipts against your original amount in your budget. If you go over on something, plan on spending that much less on something else. If you spend less than planned, feel free to use that money for something else (hint: pampering…). Make sure you reconcile your budget after every purchase to make certain that you don’t go … Continue reading Organizing Wedding Receipts and Info

Marriage and Money – Managing Your Finances

So you’re getting married.   Well, unless your last name is Trump or Gates you will probably need some help with your finances.   It is true that sometimes love is blind but that can be both a blessing and a curse.   If love makes you blind to your financial responsibilities that can become a real problem.   Here are a few tips to help newlyweds keep control of their finances and be happy with their future. First things first – put together a budget.   For a budget to work it must be livable, pliable and realistic.   It must have room for both savings and some mad … Continue reading Marriage and Money – Managing Your Finances

Family Wedding Considerations

Your family is very important when it comes to wedding planning, as well as the wedding itself. Many people choose their siblings to be bridesmaids or groomsmen, but for all those family members that aren’t included in that category- they still have a lot they can do to help the wedding go smoothly. Of course, your family will be dressed in coordinating colors- maybe not the same attire styles as your attendants, but they will still match. Your family will also be in most of your wedding photography- possibly even more pictures than your attendants will be in. One thing that your family will be doing that the attendants won’t … Continue reading Family Wedding Considerations

Ways to Save Money (Without Really Trying)

Here are some great ideas while planning your wedding and for after your marriage:   Never go grocery shopping without a list. Avoid buying non-food items such as laundry detergent, shampoo, napkins, and tissues at the grocery store. Usually you can get these items much cheaper at warehouse or discount stores. To save money on mileage as well as your time, pick one day a week to do all of your shopping and errands. If you have the storage space, stock up on staples when they are on sale. See movies in the afternoon when prices are often cheaper. Go out to eat for lunch instead of dinner. Visit the … Continue reading Ways to Save Money (Without Really Trying)

After the Wedding – 10 Things Bride and Groom Should Know Before Buying a Home


1. Before you start looking for a home, get pre-qualified for a loan. Banks, credit unions, and mortgage bankers make home loans; mortgage brokers process loans through a variety of lenders. The lenders will take an application, process the loan documents, and see the loan through to the funding stage. 2. If you have marginal or bad credit, consult your lender. You may be able to qualify for a loan depending on how long ago and what reason(s) caused the bad credit. 3. You will need a down-payment. Down-payment requirements vary depending on the type of loan. Many down-payment assistance programs exist. These programs may loan or grant you the … Continue reading After the Wedding – 10 Things Bride and Groom Should Know Before Buying a Home

What Makes the Perfect Date?

When trying to win over your true love it is essential to plan that “special” date. Whether single, engaged, or married there is always good reason to think ahead at how you can stay center of your true love’s mind. Throughout time, dates have been proven to be the number one way to accomplish this. So, what makes for the perfect date? Is it getting flowers or going to that new hotspot in town? Is it sharing a sentimental moment or your favorite song that just happens to play? Yes, these are all great ways to make for a memorable evening however the solution to this mystery is to combine … Continue reading What Makes the Perfect Date?

A Bride’s Necessities for the Wedding and Reception Day

Every bride should have these “necessities” handy on her wedding day. Because you will never know what you might need, this kit should be easily accessible all day long – from the wedding to the reception. Hint:   You might want  someone else to be in charge of it. Here are some basics to include: Beauty Items Facial Powder (Use before pictures) Toothbrush and toothpaste Deodorant Hairspray Perfume Hand lotion Makeup Makeup remover Contact lens solution and case Clear nail polish for runs in pantyhose Nail polish to match your color Nail polish remover Nail file Tissues Wet antibacterial wipes Lint remover Bobby pins and/or barrettes Safety Pins Curling iron … Continue reading A Bride’s Necessities for the Wedding and Reception Day

After the Wedding – Buying a Home Tips

First-time home buyers Whether you have spent years saving and preparing to buy a home, or you still aren’t sure if it is something you can even dream of, the questions surrounding a first-time home purchase can feel endless. Here are some tips to help you with the process of becoming your own landlord. Pre-qualify for a loan Being pre-qualified for a loan determines how much house you can afford. It also allows you to move more swiftly when you find the right house, especially when you aren’t the only interested buyer. Shop for mortgage rates and terms A difference of even half a percentage point can make a huge … Continue reading After the Wedding – Buying a Home Tips

Wedding Favors and Decoration Ideas

Seasonal/Holiday Favors Candy canes Mini Easter baskets filled with foil-wrapped chocolate eggs Little plastic pumpkins filled with candy corn Simple Christmas ornaments Blow-up beach balls with your names and/or your wedding colors Miniature heart-shaped boxes of Valentine’s chocolates Miniature watering cans filled with spring blooms Chocolate coins in gold foil Sparklers Easter eggs (that you’ve colored yourselves) Miniature pots of clover (four-leaf?) for St. Patty’s Day Keepsake Favors A copy of a memorable photo you have of you (or both of you) with each guest A pretty picture frame

The Bridal Shower

This is by far the most common pre-wedding party- make sure you don’t miss out!     One of the most fun parts about being a bride is being the center of attention at the bridal shower. The bridal shower is a great place to hang out with your female family and friends (as well as future family). Everyone brings a gift at this party- which makes it even more fun because you can open all the gifts in front of everyone. The party is usually held at the most two months from the wedding. This means you can have it any time between the day before and two months … Continue reading The Bridal Shower

Personalize Your Wedding

One of the best ways for you to add a special touch to your wedding is personalizing. Many couples choose to personalize an item of their wedding so that people will have a more memorable time. Personalization ranges from initials to the wedding date, to your full names, and everything in between. Here are the most common ways/items to personalize. Ribbon– This is probably the least expensive and the most used way to personalize your wedding. The ribbon comes with your names and/or wedding date printed on 12″ lengths. There will usually be a minimum order amount, so if you are having less than 100 guests, you may want to … Continue reading Personalize Your Wedding

Hiring a Wedding Consultant

A consultant’s job is to help a couple determine, execute, and direct all of the many tasks that are required to successfully host a wedding. The consultant takes on the roles of facilitator, mediator, money manager, planner, organizer, creative resource person, and advocate of the bride and groom in their relationships with wedding service providers. The wedding consultant is responsible for seeing that every detail is taken care of and that the process runs smoothly and flawlessly. It is the consultant’s role to reduce the inevitable stress and glitches that are a natural part of every celebration. In this modern age, wedding consultants are trained to work within a variety … Continue reading Hiring a Wedding Consultant

Bridesmaids Attire

Your bridesmaids are your best friends. These tips will help you keep them like that. Many brides go all out with the bridesmaids’ attire, making everyone where the same color, same style, and the same accessories. In these modern times, it is no longer appropriate to do that. Follow these ideas to ensure your bridesmaids will love their dresses. First of all, no one said they didn’t have to match. In fact, if you tell your bridesmaids to wear whatever they want, you are in for a disaster. The only problem is the extent of matching. For example, there are three different ways to match your bridesmaid dresses in a … Continue reading Bridesmaids Attire

Tips on Selecting your Photographer and Videographer

There are some really great photographers and videographers out there- make sure you find them.   With how much money you’re likely to spend on your pictures and video it’s no wonder there are so many people in the photography/videography business. Unfortunately, more is not always better and it can be hard to find a good photographer or videographer. Lucky for you, here are some tips on how to find a good photographer and/or videographer. First, you’ll want to talk to people and get some references. Did any of your friends or relatives get married recently? Ask them if they were pleased with the service they got. Another good source … Continue reading Tips on Selecting your Photographer and Videographer

Why Have a Wedding Video?

Your wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event. Months of planning and effort go into putting together the perfect day. After the vows are spoken, the cake is cut, the food is eaten, and the bouquet is tossed, your most indelible memory of your wedding will be your professional wedding video. Photographs can only record moments in time, but a quality wedding video preserves all the sights, sounds, and emotions of your special day. A wedding video preserves more than just your wedding. Your dearest family and friends will gather for your wedding. Years from now, some of those people will be gone. Your wedding video will contain memories of grandparents, aunts, … Continue reading Why Have a Wedding Video?

Making the Wedding Announcement

Pre-Announcement Planning Before sending your formal wedding announcements, you’ll want to know the basics of “when” and “where.” This means that you will need to have your wedding site and reception site scheduled first. If planning a religious ceremony, schedule with your clergy, and talk with him or her about what wedding sites and practices are acceptable to you both. Visit several reception centers and decide which fits best in your wedding theme and your wedding budget. Many excellent sites are listed in our “Event Locations” section. Making the Announcement Once you have scheduled a wedding date and site, you are ready to announce your wedding! If you choose to … Continue reading Making the Wedding Announcement

Ten Steps to Buying a Home

STEP 1 – DEFINE NEEDS FOR YOUR NEW HOME Congratulations on your decision to purchase a new home! Your first step toward buying your new home will be to analyze your needs. Your real estate agent can help you determine exactly what you want your new home to look like and how it should function for you and your family. First, write down why you are looking for a new home. For example, are you currently renting and would like to begin building equity? Maybe you recently married and have outgrown your current residence. Or, maybe you received promotion that requires you to move to a new city. These factors … Continue reading Ten Steps to Buying a Home

Wedding Flowers and Bridal Bouquets

With so many different types of bouquets- it hard to decide which would be best. Just make sure you take into account your overall theme for your wedding. Ballerina: A round bouquet composed of masses of tulle or net and few flowers. This type of bouquet was popular in the early 1940s when flowers were scarce due to World War II. Basket: Flowers arranged and carried in a shallow basket and often used in a garden or garden-like wedding setting. Beidermeier: A nosegay made up of concentric circles of different flowers for a somewhat striped effect. Cascade: A waterfall-like “spill” of blooms and greenery that’s anchored in a hand-held base. … Continue reading Wedding Flowers and Bridal Bouquets

Bridal Gift Registry Checklist

Everyone is always curious about what they should register for. Well, this little guide can help. Below is a list of the registering items. You might just want to print it out, cross of what you already own, and then take the list with you when you go to register. Bridal Registry Checklist: Formal Dinnerware BASIC 8-12 Diner Plates 8-12 Salad Plates 8-12 Cups and Saucers ACCESSORIES 8-12 Soup Bowls Creamer Pitcher Sugar Bowl Coffee Carafe Teapot Salt/Pepper Shakers Serving Bowls Serving Platters Covered Caseroles Butter Dish Gravy Boat

Decorations for Your Wedding Reception

Reception decorations are often the third thing that comes to mind after the dress and the flowers.   Decorating your reception location can be a fun experience.   You can  hire a decorator or rental company  to do the work or you can  do the work yourself.   If you plan on having a lot of flowers, make sure you coordinate with your florist.    One of the main things that people think about is the centerpieces. Centerpieces are generally decorations that are placed in the center of a table, and wherever else you want (on food tables, by doorways, on windowsills, etc.). There are so many different types of … Continue reading Decorations for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding Gown Styles and Considerations

One of the most important things that will help you find your perfect dress is knowing what you want. Of course, included in knowing what you want is knowing what would look best on your body shape. Here are the four basic dress silhouettes and what body types look best with them Ball Gown (a fitted bodice and a very full skirt) Full figure Pear shape Thin Empire (a slim skirt with a waist right below the bust) Petite Thin Pear shape Princess (a dress with vertical seams and a flared skirt) Hourglass Full figure Petite Sheath (a very slim, form-fitting dress) Thin Petite Hourglass Once you have figured out … Continue reading Wedding Gown Styles and Considerations

Drinks for your Wedding Reception

Weddings are notorious for their toasts. In fact, many couples are now buying commemorative champagne glasses etched with hearts, their names, or other designs. There are many different ways you can serve drinks at your reception. First, and most expensive, you can have an open bar. This means that the bar will be available to guests for the whole duration of the reception. Generally, with an open bar, guests will be able to get any drink their hearts desire (and how ever many), so it can become quite an expense. The second idea is to have a limited bar, which is much less expensive. This can be taken in two … Continue reading Drinks for your Wedding Reception

After the Wedding – Rent or Buy?

Most professionals recommend that you rent for awhile especially if you are moving to a new area. That will give you a chance to check out the area and make a more informed decision when you buy. Some homes are available for rent, but apartments are more plentiful. Apartments usually have amenities that you may not be able to otherwise afford. Look at the location and talk to some residents to make sure they are happy with the accommodations and management. Find out about parking, decorating, utilities, length of contract, furnishings, deposit and etc… When shopping for a house, there are several things to consider. You need to determine what … Continue reading After the Wedding – Rent or Buy?

Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding and Reception Entertainment

Decide what role you want your entertainer to play. Will they act as an emcee, host, coordinator and entertainer, or just play music? Do your personalities match? Go listen to them perform. The  American Disc Jockey Association recommends that you ask the following questions: 1- Are you insured? Many responsible business owners carry liability insurance to protect their businesses and the consumer. Many locations are beginning to require proof of liability. Ask for proof of liability insurance such as a “Certificate of Liability.”

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer?

In today’s digital age, just about everyone owns a video camera. And in today’s economy, just about every bride is on a budget. A well-meaning relative or friend may have offered to video tape your wedding for you. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a professional videographer to preserve your wedding. Your relative or friend wants to be a part of your wedding, just as any of your guests. If they are trying to juggle participating in your event and video taping your event, they will likely miss the most important moments of your day. A professional videographer knows how to capture those special … Continue reading Why Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer?

Jewelry, Hair, and Makeup for Your Wedding

While not everyone will notice your basic accessories (slip, shoes, etc.) everyone will notice your jewelry, hair, and makeup. These items are often what brides spend the most attention on getting perfect. They may buy several necklaces, try a dozen hairstyles, and buy gobs of makeup before find the perfect look. Try these tips that will save you time and money. One of the most important accessories is your jewelry. The necklace you wear will often be the second thing guests notice after your dress. As with all accessories- make sure your jewelry matches the style of the wedding and your own personal style. Often brides will choose a piece … Continue reading Jewelry, Hair, and Makeup for Your Wedding

Wedding Tuxedo Considerations

Since men are generally not clothing shoppers, the bride will have to make sure she gives her fiance a deadline to find a tux. Generally, its best if the groom gets his tux at about three to four months before the wedding. He’ll then have to apply some pressure to his groomsmen to get their attire in a timely manner as well. If they wait till the last minute they may not be able to find a matching tux or all the accessories they need. The biggest question with men’s attire is to rent or to buy. This is a good question, just as any rent vs. buy question is. … Continue reading Wedding Tuxedo Considerations

Catering Your Wedding Food

One of the most expensive parts of a reception is the cost of catering. Luckily, it is one of the best and most memorable parts of a wedding too. Generally, caterers will charge by person, so the more guests you have the more you should plan on spending. There are so many different types of meals you can have – this list will help you find the best one for your style and budget. Breakfast, Brunch, or Tea– These are usually done for a morning or afternoon reception. Often they are the least expensive choice. These meals are especially good for spring or summer-time weddings, when receptions are typically more … Continue reading Catering Your Wedding Food

A Bed and Breakfast for Your Wedding?

Staying in a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel can offer many advantages to a  couple looking for a unique honeymoon experience. A visitor to a bed and breakfast can be more immersed in a visit to an area, getting the cozy, intimate home-away-from-home experience.   Bed and breakfasts are usually run by knowledgeable hosts.   Since one of the charms of a bed and breakfast is the fact that it’s not a chain hotel, you can expect a unique experience.An owner of a good B&B should be happy to answer your questions about your stay. Find out how close you are to local attractions (by foot and by … Continue reading A Bed and Breakfast for Your Wedding?

Wedding Flowers

Weddings are by far the most flower-oriented events in the world. Here are all the types of flowers that people like to have at a wedding. Luckily, only about half of these are actually “required”. Bridal bouquet– This is exactly what it sounds like, the bouquet that the bride has. It is always the biggest and best bouquet out of all the rest. Maid of honor’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets– These are bouquets for the women in the wedding party. They can either be miniatures of the bridal bouquets, or a completely different style and/or color. Boutonnieres for the groom, best man, dads, and grandfathers– Boutonnieres are very important so that … Continue reading Wedding Flowers

Finding the Perfect Bridal Gown

From the time you were a little girl you might have wondered how your wedding dress would look.   Would it be sparkly?   Would it be straight or full?   Would it have a long train?   Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to make that dream a reality!   What you wear on your wedding day will impact your memories more than any other part of your day.   Start shopping for your gown the moment you know you’re getting married!   You will need your dress for your bridal pictures, and most photographers ask that you have your bridal sitting a month before your wedding. Be aware … Continue reading Finding the Perfect Bridal Gown

Bridal Gift Registry Considerations

Many couples wonder where to register for wedding gifts. It is best to have at least two selections for those who choose to use a registry: a store with prices on the lower-end of the price range, and one on the medium-to-high end of the price range. You may also choose to include a more expensive site. Also consider where your guests live. The best place to register is somewhere that has stores in (nearly) every state. However, if you live in the same state as most of your guests, or if you know of specialty stores in their state (check online), then registering in those stores can also be … Continue reading Bridal Gift Registry Considerations

Wedding Engagement Pictures

Engagement pictures, though not a vital part of the wedding, are an important part of a memorable wedding. Many people choose to get engagement pictures for several reasons- here are a few: Engagement Announcements– This can be either an ad in a newspaper, an announcement sent to friends and family, or an invitation to an engagement party. It is nice to have a picture for these things so that friends and family can see what your fiance looks like (if they haven’t met him) and visa versa for his family. Plus, you can show off how extremely happy you two are together. Wedding Scrapbook– Some brides decide to document the … Continue reading Wedding Engagement Pictures

Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Make your wedding memorable with mood-enhancing decorations.   Since the ceremony decorations are only supposed to cost 1.5% of your total budget, you’ll either have to be meager, or do without. Usually it is easy to do without decorations at the ceremony site. This is often the case if you are getting married in a historic church or a garden. If you do decide to have decorations, here are some tips. The most common ceremony decoration is bows. You can buy, or make, large ribbon bows to put on the ends of the pews. This gives the room a more festive look, plus you can either do all white bows … Continue reading Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Choosing Your Wedding Cake

If all else fails, the cake is the main piece of food you should have. Every reception has a cake of some kind, no exception. The cake often reflects the theme of the wedding and often incorporates the wedding colors and/or flowers. Modern cakes are leaning more towards spectacular colors, shapes, and arrangements- from giftbox-like cakes to skyscraper cakes and from mixtures of shapes to brightly colored flowers and ribbons. Basically, there is no longer a pressing rule of making the cake white, anything goes. To figure out what style of cake you want, you’ll want to have most of your wedding shopping done- have your dress, colors, decorations, and … Continue reading Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Wedding Speech Tips

Did you know that a recent survey discovered that public speaking is the number 1 fear in a person’s life and rated above death? Well I have to admit that I used to belong to that group but now on days I have started to enjoy it because of some simple tips I will share with you here on this page and of course because of much practice I have had the last years. But still I do get butterflies in my stomach right before I start talking. But when I start I forget all about it.   It seams like that it is the same with a lot of … Continue reading Wedding Speech Tips

Wedding Gown Terms

LENGTHS Ankle Reveals the ankles, slightly shorter than floor length. Floor Skirt is1/2 to 1 1/2 inches from the floor. Short Skirt is at knee level or above. Tea Hemline is several inches above the ankles. STYLES A-Line Two vertical seams follow the A shape, starting from the shoulders and falling to the skirt which then flares out. Ball Gown A tight, fitted bodice and definite waistline with a very full skirt. Basque Waistline An elongated waist, about two inches below the natural waist, that may dip to a point at the center point. Bouffant A very, very full skirt, most often accompanied by a hoop slip Box-Pleated Skirt A … Continue reading Wedding Gown Terms

Who do I Invite to the Wedding and How Many?

Before you begin with your invitations, you should have a definite decision on the location of your reception. This is vital to figuring out how many people to invite. Usually, you can have about 25% more people than will fit in your reception location because that is the average of how many people will not be able to attend the wedding. For example, if your reception location can hold 300 people, count on inviting 375 guests. One important thing to remember is that the number of invitations you send out is not equal to the number of guests. When you make your list of potential guests, make sure you put … Continue reading Who do I Invite to the Wedding and How Many?

What do Wedding Flowers Mean?

Many people don’t realize that flowers have meanings.    It was common in history for brides to only use flowers that had positive connotations. If you want to follow tradition- here’s the list: Anemone- Expectation Baby’s Breath- Innocence Bluebell- Everlasting love Calla Lily- Magnificent beauty Carnation- Boldness, love, talent Chrysanthemum- Wealth, abundance, truth Daffodil- Regard Daisy- Loyal love Delphinium- Swiftness, lightness Forget-Me-Not- Faithful love Freesia- Innocence Gardenia- Purity, joy Heather- Admiration Hydrangea- Thank-you Iris- Faith, wisdom Lilac- Love’s first emotions Lily- Majesty, truth, honor Lily of the Valley- Happiness Magnolia- Love of nature Orchid- Love, beauty Pansy- Merriment Peony- Happy marriage Primrose- I can’t live without you Ranunculus- Radiant Rose- … Continue reading What do Wedding Flowers Mean?

Bridal Portraits

For those of you who are new to the wedding mumbo-jumbo, a bridal portrait session is done with only the bride (all dressed up). Usually these pictures are taken at least a month before the wedding, so that they can be displayed at the wedding. However, some brides choose to do theirs after the wedding, or even on the wedding day. One of the best things about the bridal portrait is that it is a great way to make sure what you want will really look good. Since you are completely made-up for your picture including dress, veil, jewelry, bouquet, etc., you will be able to see exactly what you … Continue reading Bridal Portraits

Wedding Invitation Terms

The Wedding invitation business has many uncommon terms – here’s your guide to understanding your Wedding Invitation Terms: Blind-embossing A printing process that uses a die (see below) to make colorless letters and images with a raised surface. Calligraphy The perfected art of handwriting/penmanship, often related with fancy, curlicue script. Cotton fiber A type of paper made from 100 percent cotton- possibly the most traditional and elegant option for wedding invitations. Deckle edge The irregular, “torn” edge of handmade paper. Die An etched metal plate used to create engraved or embossed images and type. Die-cutting The process of cutting various paper shapes, particularly with envelopes. Embossing A printing technique that … Continue reading Wedding Invitation Terms

Wedding Tasks for Friends and Family

Usually, you will select your attendants out of your closest friends and family. These people will be the most likely candidates for helping you with all of our wedding planning. If you have more friends and family who can help besides those chosen as attendants, you are in luck. The more people you have helping you, the less stressful your wedding planning will be. Here is a list of typical assignments for friends and family: Groom: Helps with what he can of wedding planning Plans the honeymoon Picks the band/DJ Picks men’s attire Mother: Helps pick out wedding dress Helps with the theme (flowers, colors, etc.) Helps put together guest … Continue reading Wedding Tasks for Friends and Family

Average Wedding Costs

Depending on the area you live in a wedding can have very diverse costs. The national average is about $25,000, but that varies in different areas of the US. We have the lows and highs listed for the six areas of the United States. The Plains:   Low: $3,000 to High: $21,000 The Northwest:     Low: $5,000 to High: $55,000 The South:   Low: $13,000 to High: $48,000 The Southwest:   Low: $5,000 to High: $55,000 The Northeast:   Low: $9,000 to High: $61,000 The Midwest:   Low: $9,000 to High: $51,000 These numbers are based on a 200 guest count. Your wedding may cost anywhere between the numbers … Continue reading Average Wedding Costs

Wedding Expenses – Who Pays What

In the modern world, it is not uncommon for the couple to pay for everything themselves. Either because they are well-off financially or they think it is too awkward to ask their parents to pitch in. If you do happen to have both parents willing and able to help out with the costs, here’s the traditional list of who pays what: Bride and/or her family: Grooms wedding ring Ceremony location/decorations Reception location/decorations and service Food, beverages, and cake Bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres, and corsages Bridesmaids’ luncheon Bouquets for bridesmaids and flower girls Floral arrangements for ceremony and reception Invitations, announcements, and other stationery Bride’s dress, veil, and accessories Photography and videography … Continue reading Wedding Expenses – Who Pays What

Wedding Budget Guidelines

A budget is very important, especially if you are spending someone else’s money (your parents, or possibly your fiance’s parents). Here is a basic list of what you should put in your budget and the average percentages of what brides spend in each section. To figure out your amounts just take your total budget and times it by the percentage listed. Example: $25,000 budget – Reception Location 9%, $25,000 x 9% (or 0.09) = $2,250. So, you should spend approximately $2,250 on your reception location. Ceremony Fee 2.5% Ceremony Decorations 1.5% Reception Location 9% Reception Decorations 4.5% Food and Service 33.5% Beverages and Bartender 9% Cake and Cutting Fee 3% … Continue reading Wedding Budget Guidelines

Marriage License Requirements

Marriage License requirements vary from state to state.   Please check with your local County office for specific requirements. Typically you must appear together and be of legal age (18 in most states).   Younger couples usually need to have written parental consent. A valid I. D. (State Drivers License, Military ID, Passport, State ID Card, or Birth Certificate) must be presented which indicates the date of birth for both applicants. The marriage license is usually only valid for a specified period of time and a new license (and fees) will likely be necessary if the time has expired.   Some states may also have a waiting period. On the … Continue reading Marriage License Requirements

Wedding Invitation Wording

The whole wedding planning is hard enough without having to think of all the different Wedding Invitation Wording options. Here are a few of the most common ways to word the invitation. Bride’s Parents Hosting: Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Brown are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter Melissa Jane to Thomas Brian Smith son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Smith Both Parents Hosting: Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Brown & Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Smith are pleased to announce the marriage of their children Melissa Jane Brown to Thomas Brian Smith Couple Hosting: Miss Melissa Jane Brown daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Brown … Continue reading Wedding Invitation Wording

Wedding Videography – Plan Your Shots

There are over 50 products to choose from for wedding videography. A traditional wedding video will include many of the following: Pre Wedding day products Opening Credits – A Hollywood opening with credit being given to the important stars of your own movie. Photo Transfer – Growing up video & pictures of the bride and groom. Courtship Photo Transfer – Pictures or video taken while dating. Genealogy Photo Transfer – Wedding photos of the Grandparent’s & Parents of the Bride & Groom. Bridal Video – A beautiful video of the bride in her attire. Love Story – A documentary style story of your relationship. Date Video – A fun filled … Continue reading Wedding Videography – Plan Your Shots

Wedding Photography – Picture List

Here are some of the most classic pictures that you will want for your wedding. Cross out what pictures you don’t want and add anything you can think of that you would want.   Getting Ready   Bride’s clothes hanging on the wardrobe, on the bedpost, or over a chair Bridesmaids doing bride’s hair and makeup Bride and bridesmaids getting dressed, applying makeup Mom helping bride with one last detail, such as veil Full-length shot of bride in gown checking herself out in mirror Detail of clothing, shoes, garter, something borrowed, something blue Touching shot of bride with parent(s) and/or stepparent(s) Touching shot of bride with sibling(s) Bride hugging honor … Continue reading Wedding Photography – Picture List

Honeymoon Planning Tips


Your honeymoon is one of the most important trips you will ever take! Proper planning is a must to make the most of the experience. Here are a few guidelines to assist you in the process … • PLAN AHEAD! Be sure to add the honeymoon planning to your wedding checklist. Many couples leave the planning until after the wedding details have been made which can be a mistake. It is best to plan your honeymoon several months in advance, if possible, to get the best availability and pricing. • WHAT IS YOUR DREAM HONEYMOON “PICTURE”? Most people have thought about their “dream” honeymoon long before the event takes place! … Continue reading Honeymoon Planning Tips

Wedding Traditions and Customs


Weddings have been around for a long time!  Wedding Traditions and Customs have developed and evolved as well.  Here is the background on some of the modern Wedding Traditions and Customs. Best Man As marriages were historically accomplished by capture (the groom would kidnap the woman), a warrior friend was often employed. This Best Man would help the groom fight off other men who wanted the captured woman, and would also help in preventing the woman’s family from finding the couple. Bridal Bouquet  Flowers played a very important part in olden times – the smell of the flowers were believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune.  During the plague … Continue reading Wedding Traditions and Customs