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Finding The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue


Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding reception can be one of the most stressful parts of planning. There are so many to choose from, and not only are you looking for a place that will ‘wow’ you and your guests, but you are also looking for something that fits your personal style. This can be really tricky, but here at Salt Lake Bride, we are here to help you find the perfect place for your reception! The Thomas S. Monson Center features four gorgeous rental spaces available for wedding receptions as well as ceremonies. Each room is just as beautiful and classic as the next and the historical architecture … Continue reading Finding The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

4 Trendy Wedding Venues in 2018


Garden Venues If you are a bride who dreams about flowers and greenery, elegance and twinkle lights, dancing with butterflies and flowers, and say “I do” to your best friend, then these two garden wedding reception places in Utah might just be perfect for you. Gardens are inherently perfect for weddings, and often only need a little decoration because of their natural beauty. (Which is always a plus for saving money for your new chapter together!)   Atrium Weddings & Events  Millennial Falls Wedding and Reception Center Glamorous Industrial Metallic  From old factories, warehouses, to even historic train stations, sprawling empty spaces are becoming popular wedding venues for couples planning a … Continue reading 4 Trendy Wedding Venues in 2018

Featured Wedding – A Trucker’s Love


  A Trucker’s Love   On August 12, 2017, two of the state’s largest Trucking families, England Trucking and Godfrey Trucking, joined roads in Holy Matrimony. Megan Godfrey married Clayton England in the Salt Lake Temple. Meghan and Clayton met in high school, but a high school romance wasn’t in the log for them as Clayton was a sophomore trying to “pick-up” a senior. After both serving LDS missions, Clayton in Mexico City, Mexico and Meghan in Santiago, Chili, Clayton finally grew up and age just didn’t matter any longer. They went on their first date to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square and it was history from then … Continue reading Featured Wedding – A Trucker’s Love

6 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Reception Venue


Congratulations on being engaged! Now that you are looking for a venue for your wedding reception, there are a few details that need to be considered. Brides often forget about these aspects of the event center they are touring until it’s too late, so keep this in mind while touring potential event centers. Theme- Think about the overall picture you have in your head for your wedding. Does this venue reflect that idea? Do you want modern and edgy, or traditional and formal? Do you want a beach theme or a rustic feel? One of the most important parts of picking a wedding reception venue is matching it to your … Continue reading 6 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Reception Venue

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Newest Utah Wedding Venue


The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, scheduled to open in Draper in December 2013, is a new and unique Utah wedding venue that will feature colorful tropical fish, stingrays and sharks as the backdrop for a variety of events. A wedding can take place among the vibrant marine life and the tropical rain forest gallery at the new Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. The 136,000 square-foot aquarium will be a premiere attraction and event space for as many as 1,000+ guests as well as a banquet room for 450+ guests. The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is the perfect venue for your wedding, from casual to traditional, small and intimate to grand and … Continue reading Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Newest Utah Wedding Venue

Elite Utah Wedding Venues: Escaping the Cultural Hall

Please forgive me for the snarky title! But as someone who has attended a lot of friends’ weddings in Utah, I just can’t help myself. There’s something awesome about local chapels being available for people to have their wedding venues. But let’s be honest; they’re huge, windowless basketball courts for the most part. Doesn’t exactly scream “Fairytale Wedding,” does it? Let’s be clear: I’ve seen miracles (of the event planning nature) worked in LDS ward house gymnasiums. I’m not knocking a well-planned, elegantly designed wedding, and you can make any space work. But even those weddings that I’ve been impressed by can’t compare to the enchanting atmosphere that you can … Continue reading Elite Utah Wedding Venues: Escaping the Cultural Hall

Bridesmaid Attends Wedding via iPad

Would you do this for your wedding? Would you ever virtually attend a wedding – let alone be a digital bridesmaid? That’s what Renee did at her best friend’s marriage ceremony in Colorado. She was asked to be a bridesmaid, but was unable to make the trip from Richmond, Virginia. That’s when she virtually pinged in using Apple’s FaceTime app for the iPad 2.   One of the groomsman carried the iPad down the aisle as Renee Armstrong was able to see the whole ceremony. The bride, Jamie Alberico, was ecstatic to have her friend attend her wedding Even though she wasn’t wearing the same wedding attire, “she got to … Continue reading Bridesmaid Attends Wedding via iPad

Byte Wedding – Computer to Marry Texas Couple

Associated Press July 29, 2011 HOUSTON (AP) – You could call it “My Big Fat Computer Geek Wedding.” After a Houston couple couldn’t get a friend to serve as the minister at their wedding, they decided to create their own. When Miguel Hanson and his fiancee, Diana Wesley, get married on Saturday, a computer will conduct the ceremony. Well, technically, a computer program Hanson wrote will serve as the minister. During the wedding, to be held in the Houston home of Hanson’s parents, the couple will stand before a 30-inch monitor in the backyard. In a robotic voice, the computer will greet the guests, say how the couple met and … Continue reading Byte Wedding – Computer to Marry Texas Couple

How to have An Amazing Wedding – Where to Start?

The Most Important Thing You Need To START WITH to Have the BEST WEDDING BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE! BONUS – What to do later to Make SURE your BEST WEDDING is not DISRUPTED When planning for a wedding we encounter every type of situation from our clients. Sometimes we get calls a year in advance and we have plenty of time to make elicit the client’s wishes and make sure all the details are in sync with those wishes. Sometimes we get calls from a caterer or planner who has a client that has 3-4 weeks to their wedding. I personally had a year and a half to put together my … Continue reading How to have An Amazing Wedding – Where to Start?

Unique Wedding Reception Treat Ideas – Hot Cocoa and S’mores Bar

Looking for a unique idea for your wedding reception treats?  Here are some photos taken at The Canterbury Place Wedding Show. Notice the pictures on the wall.  Use wedding photos or decorations to tie things together. The Hot Cocoa in on the left and the on S’mores on the right. You wedding guests will love the assortment of chocolate to go  around the melted marshmellows. Different flavors for the Hot Cocoa available to suite each wedding guest. Chocolate coated spoons add flavor and look wonderful.  Use colors to match your wedding reception colors. Mint candies and Cinnamon Sticks for added flavor. For pricing on the Hot Coca and S’more bars … Continue reading Unique Wedding Reception Treat Ideas – Hot Cocoa and S’mores Bar

Questions to ask when Selecting a Wedding Venue

Questions to ask when Selecting a Wedding Ceremony or Reception Center Choosing a location for your wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception is an important decision. You will want to shop around for the venue that will best fit your needs. Here are a few things to consider: What is your budget? Who will be making the final decision? How will you be paying for the event? Does the venue offer financing? How many wedding or reception guests are you inviting? Is the location convenient and centrally located for your wedding guests? Is there a safe, well lighted parking lot? How many parking spaces are available? What kind of security is … Continue reading Questions to ask when Selecting a Wedding Venue

Candy Bar Tips

Candy Bar Tips for your wedding reception from The Canterbury Place. Here is a good idea for a wedding reception. Thanks to Ashley from The Canterbury Place for putting this together. At The Canterbury Place, our favorite favor is the candy bar. Not only it is delicious, but it is also an interactive part of your reception that everyone will love and remember. Below are tips on having a beautiful set-up that is sure to make your guests feel like a kid in a candy store! 1. Color, color, color Match your candy to your wedding colors to keep a cohesive look. This edited palette will help pull in the … Continue reading Candy Bar Tips

The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is the best place to relax right before the wedding. The name is exactly what the event actually is. It is the dinner after your rehearse the wedding. The dinner is usually held the night before the wedding. The couple and the wedding party will meet at the ceremony location and the officiant will go through the wedding process with them. Afterwards, the rehearsal dinner is held in celebration of the upcoming wedding. The rehearsal dinner is usually hosted (and paid for) by the groom’s parents. Sometimes the couple may choose to pay for the party, or it may be a collective effort by both sets of … Continue reading The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Making the Wedding Announcement

Pre-Announcement Planning Before sending your formal wedding announcements, you’ll want to know the basics of “when” and “where.” This means that you will need to have your wedding site and reception site scheduled first. If planning a religious ceremony, schedule with your clergy, and talk with him or her about what wedding sites and practices are acceptable to you both. Visit several reception centers and decide which fits best in your wedding theme and your wedding budget. Many excellent sites are listed in our “Event Locations” section. Making the Announcement Once you have scheduled a wedding date and site, you are ready to announce your wedding! If you choose to … Continue reading Making the Wedding Announcement

A Bed and Breakfast for Your Wedding?

Staying in a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel can offer many advantages to a  couple looking for a unique honeymoon experience. A visitor to a bed and breakfast can be more immersed in a visit to an area, getting the cozy, intimate home-away-from-home experience.   Bed and breakfasts are usually run by knowledgeable hosts.   Since one of the charms of a bed and breakfast is the fact that it’s not a chain hotel, you can expect a unique experience.An owner of a good B&B should be happy to answer your questions about your stay. Find out how close you are to local attractions (by foot and by … Continue reading A Bed and Breakfast for Your Wedding?