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A Bed and Breakfast for Your Wedding?

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Staying in a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel can offer many advantages to a  couple looking for a unique honeymoon experience. A visitor to a bed and breakfast can be more immersed in a visit to an area, getting the cozy, intimate home-away-from-home experience.   Bed and breakfasts are usually run by knowledgeable hosts.   Since one of the charms of a bed and breakfast is the fact that it’s not a chain hotel, you can expect a unique experience.An owner of a good B&B should be happy to answer your questions about your stay. Find out how close you are to local attractions (by foot and by car, if applicable). Find out about the B&B’s facilities (a private or shared bath) and types of rooms. Asking about the age and history of the facility will give you a better idea of what to expect.   The traditional Bed and Breakfast is a great stress reducer and an experience you will want to repeat again and again.
Here are a few questions to ask when looking for a bed and breakfast:

  • Do the owners live there? –   Generally you will get more personnel service if the owners are living on site.
  • How long have you been open? –   Generally speaking, many B&B’s start up and fold within several years. Longevity probably means the B&B has a lot of repeat business and referrals.
  • What is your budget? –   Bed and breakfasts can range from inexpensive, simple homes to high-priced inns featuring luxury amenities. If you decide on an inexpensive B&B, don’t expect 4-star services, though you should expect clean and friendly service.
  • Do you have restrictions on pets? – If you are traveling with pets, make sure the B&B allows them.
  • What about Allergies? –   Are there pets that live at the B&B that might affect my allergies? Are there featherbeds or down pillows?
  • How early can reservations be made? – Since B&Bs are much smaller than hotels, reservations oftentimes need to be made well in advance.
  • What about the food? –  If the bed and breakfast has a website, it will often list a typical menu. If you have any food allergies or a vegetarian, be sure to inform the hosts when making reservations.   Do they serve continental or a full-cooked breakfast?   Is it included in the price?   Is room service available?   Do they have a restaurant license?

Do you have honeymoon packages? –   Many Bed and Breakfast facilities have various honeymoon packages that may or may not be included.   The owners are usually ready and willing to offer a local’s insight into touring the area’s sights, eating at excellent local restaurants, and having fun in the local nightlife.

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