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Honeymoon Planning Tips

Your honeymoon is one of the most important trips you will ever take! Proper planning is a must to make the most of the experience. Here are a few guidelines to assist you in the process

  • PLAN AHEAD! Be sure to add the honeymoon planning to your wedding checklist. Many couples leave the planning until after the wedding details have been made which can be a mistake. It is best to plan your honeymoon several months in advance, if possible, to get the best availability and pricing.
  • WHAT IS YOUR DREAM HONEYMOON “PICTURE”? Most people have thought about their dream honeymoon long before the event takes place! If not you, then your fiancĂ© may have a clear idea of the ideal honeymoon! Strive to make that “picture” a reality!
  • DETERMINE YOUR BUDGET AND AVAILABLE TIME OFF. These two factors will help determine your best options.
  • CONSULT WITH AN EXPERIENCED TRAVEL AGENT! This is one trip you do not want to leave to the potential problems of online booking; and, an experienced professional will work to give you suggestions to get the most out of your budget while striving to exceed your expectations! A good travel agent will be familiar with many different destinations and what special features may be available for honeymooners. In most cases, there will be no fee for you to book a honeymoon package with a travel agency.
  • TAKE SEASONALITY INTO CONSIDERATION. Many popular honeymoon destinations will be more expensive and less available during high season months. For example, winter and summer months will be at their peak for popular tropical destinations. Again, working with a travel professional will help to make the most of your budget and determine your range of great choices.
  • PICK A UNIQUE DESTINATION. Try to avoid a spot where one of you has been before. Pick something new to both of you for special memories shared as a new married couple.
  • RELAXATION IS A MUST! No matter how smoothly the wedding goes, you will be exhausted and need some time to relax and spend a quiet, romantic time together. Consider saving the trip with lots of touring for another time!
  • INTERESTED IN A RESORT WEDDING? Check with your travel professional about options where the wedding can take place at your honeymoon destination for free or a nominal fee!

Have fun planning your DREAM honeymoon!

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