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Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cake.  It’s the centerpiece of any wedding reception, and there are a variety of ways to incorporate it.  We’ve got four potential wedding cake ideas for you, and three of them are non-traditional!  If you’re feeling conflicted about what type of wedding cake you want, hopefully this post will provide some help. Traditional Traditional wedding cakes are beautiful, multi-tiered creations.  They’re classic and a great go-to for any wedding.  There are a couple of ways you can spice up a traditional wedding cake.  Instead of fondant, use buttercream.  It can give you the desired smooth finish, but has better taste and texture than most fondants.  For further variety, add … Continue reading Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Utah’s Top Three Wedding Cake Bakeries

Utah Wedding Cakes Ambrosia Exquisite Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes may be the one and only dessert couples need to celebrate their marriage.  Whether it’s vanilla, chocolate, red velvet or whatever flavor you prefer, cakes add the sweetest touch to all weddings. Wedding cakes come in many styles and sizes from fancy to naked.  The Post Office even got involved by offering a wedding cake stamp.  The classic tradition of the bride and groom feeding each other the cake symbolizes love and affection.  What better way to start your marriage than with a delicious treat? Ever wonder where the tradition of wedding cakes came from? Originally, the first American wedding cakes were fruit cakes. The classic white wedding … Continue reading Utah’s Top Three Wedding Cake Bakeries

How to Choose the Wedding Cake of your Dreams

a 3-tier, elegant cake

When planning a wedding, every decision can seem monumental. Even picking a wedding cake can be a defining moment for the bride. Many see the wedding cake as a reflection of a bride’s taste in dessert, decoration, and presentation. It can be hard to pick a wedding cake considering there are so many flavors, frostings, decorations, and looks available. Not only this, but you also have to keep those who are attending the wedding in mind and ensure that the cake you choose will be something they prefer to eat. In an earlier blog post we talked about the naked cake trend, however, in this blog post we want to … Continue reading How to Choose the Wedding Cake of your Dreams

5 Naked Wedding Cake Options


Planning a wedding comes with many decisions. One of those being your wedding cake. Choosing a wedding cake can be hard a hard task. From the major decisions like the flavor of the cake, to the smallest details, like how many tiers and how thick the frosting is, there are so many aspects that go into choosing a wedding cake. We hope to make that decision easier for you by informing you of a trend we’ve observed. Right now, naked wedding cakes are all over! Consider it: you don’t have to decide how thick the frosting is, the color, and best of all, they taste great. Here are some great … Continue reading 5 Naked Wedding Cake Options

Featured Wedding – A Trucker’s Love


  A Trucker’s Love   On August 12, 2017, two of the state’s largest Trucking families, England Trucking and Godfrey Trucking, joined roads in Holy Matrimony. Megan Godfrey married Clayton England in the Salt Lake Temple. Meghan and Clayton met in high school, but a high school romance wasn’t in the log for them as Clayton was a sophomore trying to “pick-up” a senior. After both serving LDS missions, Clayton in Mexico City, Mexico and Meghan in Santiago, Chili, Clayton finally grew up and age just didn’t matter any longer. They went on their first date to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square and it was history from then … Continue reading Featured Wedding – A Trucker’s Love

6 Tips for Making the Wedding Cake Cut

At what point did a wedding cake — and its cutting by the couple and feeding it to each other — become a featured tradition at many modern-day weddings? As with the origin of many things, we can look back to ancient Rome, where marriages were sealed by the groom smashing a barley cake over the bride’s head. The guests would then take home the crumbs as tokens of good luck.  Once the Romans invaded Britain in A.D. 43, the custom seems to have been incorporated into English weddings where the bride and groom attempted to kiss over a very tall kissed pile of buns, which if successful, bode well for … Continue reading 6 Tips for Making the Wedding Cake Cut

History of Wedding Cakes

The history of wedding cakes is a long one… The tradition of the bridal – wedding cakes dates back to the Roman era.   Certainly the Romans were not in the habit of baking elaborate or elegant wedding cakes with buttercream icing and custom wedding-cake toppers. Usually they used loaves of wheat bread. The loaf of bread was broken over the heads of the newlyweds to bring them luck and prosperity. Sometimes it was broken only over the bride’s head, usually by the groom. The crumbs of wedding cake, that landed on the floor symbolized good luck and fertility for the bride and groom, and it was considered good luck … Continue reading History of Wedding Cakes

Choosing Your Wedding Cake

If all else fails, the cake is the main piece of food you should have. Every reception has a cake of some kind, no exception. The cake often reflects the theme of the wedding and often incorporates the wedding colors and/or flowers. Modern cakes are leaning more towards spectacular colors, shapes, and arrangements- from giftbox-like cakes to skyscraper cakes and from mixtures of shapes to brightly colored flowers and ribbons. Basically, there is no longer a pressing rule of making the cake white, anything goes. To figure out what style of cake you want, you’ll want to have most of your wedding shopping done- have your dress, colors, decorations, and … Continue reading Choosing Your Wedding Cake