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Utah Wedding Catering Options


When it comes to choosing the food for your wedding, you will never be short of options! From pizza to pasta to Penguin Brothers ice cream, you can find exactly what you and your guests will love right here on our website.  When deciding the food you’ll serve at your wedding festivities, it’s important to think about the time and place of the event. Most weddings include a rehearsal dinner, a bridal luncheon, and a wedding reception. All of these events can be catered with incredible and delicious catering companies! Here at Salt Lake Bride, we give you lots of options. The company that you choose to cater your wedding … Continue reading Utah Wedding Catering Options

4 Unique Utah Wedding Caterers


The food at your wedding can make or break the celebration. Nothing ties together the celebration better than the food. This post will go over a few of the many choices of Utah wedding caterers. Hopefully this will help make your perfect day a little more perfect! Caterer #1: Catering by Bryce Famous for their prime rib and peppercorn brisket of beef, Catering by Bryce could be just the right fit for you. Located in Salt Lake City, they have a wide variety of chicken dishes such as broiled lemon chicken, chicken cordon bleu and butter-crumb chicken. Their fresh-cut salads are to die for, with Bryce’s pure olive oil & … Continue reading 4 Unique Utah Wedding Caterers

4 Catering Options For Your Utah Wedding


Trying to prepare a meal for yourself is not an easy task.  Trying to prepare one for a family can be a challenge.  If you want an absolute nightmare to feed all the family and friends that came to celebrate with you on your wedding day! Luckily it doesn’t have to be. Here along the Wasatch Front we are surrounded by dozens of talented caterers and chefs ready to make your special day a culinary delight. However, picking the right one for you and your wallet can seem quite daunting.  Especially with so many options. Selecting the right people to create your desserts, beverages, and food can be intimidating. Here … Continue reading 4 Catering Options For Your Utah Wedding

Unique Wedding Reception Treat Ideas – Hot Cocoa and S’mores Bar

Looking for a unique idea for your wedding reception treats?  Here are some photos taken at The Canterbury Place Wedding Show. Notice the pictures on the wall.  Use wedding photos or decorations to tie things together. The Hot Cocoa in on the left and the on S’mores on the right. You wedding guests will love the assortment of chocolate to go  around the melted marshmallows. Different flavors for the Hot Cocoa available to suite each wedding guest. Chocolate coated spoons add flavor and look wonderful.  Use colors to match your wedding reception colors. Mint candies and Cinnamon Sticks for added flavor. For pricing on the Hot Coca and S’more bars … Continue reading Unique Wedding Reception Treat Ideas – Hot Cocoa and S’mores Bar

Candy Bar Tips

Candy Bar Tips for your wedding reception from The Canterbury Place. Here is a good idea for a wedding reception. Thanks to Ashley from The Canterbury Place for putting this together. At The Canterbury Place, our favorite favor is the candy bar. Not only it is delicious, but it is also an interactive part of your reception that everyone will love and remember. Below are tips on having a beautiful set-up that is sure to make your guests feel like a kid in a candy store! 1. Color, color, color Match your candy to your wedding colors to keep a cohesive look. This edited palette will help pull in the … Continue reading Candy Bar Tips

Mind Your Manners OR A Brief Etiquette Spread

At your wedding or any other time, your great smile and perfect physique may not be enough to compensate for your fumbling through a 12- to 20-piece formal place setting. Instead of sentencing yourself to a fake-it-till-you-make-it evening, brush up on your grace with our brief etiquette spread. Or learn how to set the table for a proper wedding lunch or dinner. Warning: Because the primary purpose of etiquette is to make people feel comfortable in social situations by establishing accepted standards, the most egregious thing a person can do is use it pretentiously, especially by openly correcting anyone. Etiquette — “a code of behavior based on thoughtfulness,” according to … Continue reading Mind Your Manners OR A Brief Etiquette Spread

Drinks for your Wedding Reception

Weddings are notorious for their toasts. In fact, many couples are now buying commemorative champagne glasses etched with hearts, their names, or other designs. There are many different ways you can serve drinks at your reception. First, and most expensive, you can have an open bar. This means that the bar will be available to guests for the whole duration of the reception. Generally, with an open bar, guests will be able to get any drink their hearts desire (and how ever many), so it can become quite an expense. The second idea is to have a limited bar, which is much less expensive. This can be taken in two … Continue reading Drinks for your Wedding Reception

Catering Your Wedding Food

One of the most expensive parts of a reception is the cost of catering. Luckily, it is one of the best and most memorable parts of a wedding too. Generally, caterers will charge by person, so the more guests you have the more you should plan on spending. There are so many different types of meals you can have – this list will help you find the best one for your style and budget. Breakfast, Brunch, or Tea– These are usually done for a morning or afternoon reception. Often they are the least expensive choice. These meals are especially good for spring or summer-time weddings, when receptions are typically more … Continue reading Catering Your Wedding Food