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Our Top Far Away Getaway Destinations!

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Whether you are planning your honeymoon, or just want to get away, here are some romantic destinations that you should keep in mind while choosing a place to visit!


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Although Hawaii is a long travel day away, the plane ride is definitely worth it! Hawaii is the perfect romantic getaway with its gorgeous lush greenery and sandy beaches. This destination is great for couples that want to unwind and relax. You can lay out on the beach or spend a day at the spa. But if getting out and going on adventures is something you are interested, there is so much you can do! Hawaii has plenty of options for snorkeling (like Tunnels Beach), hiking (Waipio Valley), and surfing huge waves (Jaws Beach).


Venice Italy is known for being one of the most romantic cities in the world, so of course we had to include it on our list! Touring the city and visiting churches and palaces is a popular pastime for many first time visitors. The architecture is absolutely breathtaking and you can really get a feel for the city by just walking around. Gondola rides are another great way to see the city while also having a unique experience. Nothing says romance like floating down the canals of Venice with your significant other! Italy is also known for its amazing food, so make sure to eat out as much as possible while in the city!


Paris, France is another great romantic getaway! Like Venice, you will want to walk or bike around to get a feel for the city. And make sure to visit iconic places like the Eiffel tower and Versailles while you are there! We suggest renting some bikes and riding through the gardens and having a picnic on the back lawn of the palace. It is such a romantic and memorable experience!

These are just a few of the many places you can travel to, but hopefully they give you some fun ideas and get you excited to plan the perfect romantic vacation!

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