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Date Ideas For Any Occasion

Date Ideas For Any Occasion couple kissing

Whether or not you are already married, engaged, or just dating, finding something to do to spend together can be really difficult. The classic dinner and a movie may seem worn out, while a vacation to Cabo may not be the most wallet friendly. Date Night creates new experiences that relationships can grow from and show commitment. They can even de-stress a relationship as memories are created and pure enjoyment is found again. HAVE A PHOTO SHOOT TOGETHER Taking pictures together is not just for weddings or engagement pictures. These pictures can be used to decorate your home, be kept in each other’s wallet, or just to have for the … Continue reading Date Ideas For Any Occasion

Featured Wedding – A Trucker’s Love


  A Trucker’s Love   On August 12, 2017, two of the state’s largest Trucking families, England Trucking and Godfrey Trucking, joined roads in Holy Matrimony. Megan Godfrey married Clayton England in the Salt Lake Temple. Meghan and Clayton met in high school, but a high school romance wasn’t in the log for them as Clayton was a sophomore trying to “pick-up” a senior. After both serving LDS missions, Clayton in Mexico City, Mexico and Meghan in Santiago, Chili, Clayton finally grew up and age just didn’t matter any longer. They went on their first date to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square and it was history from then … Continue reading Featured Wedding – A Trucker’s Love

How to Avoid a Wedding DJ Disaster

Your wedding budget is tight, and you’re thinking about saving a few dollars by hiring a relative or friend as your wedding DJ; or you’re doing it as a favor to him. “What could possibly go wrong?” One of the things we ask our couples when we first meet with them, is, “Have you ever  seen a bad Wedding DJ? What went wrong?” Their answers are very instructive, and just may save YOUR wedding. What would your Wedding DJ do if THIS happened? He got sick on the morning of your wedding. Does he have a backup? He had an accident on the way to the wedding. Does he have … Continue reading How to Avoid a Wedding DJ Disaster

My Wedding Speech

Tom Fletcher is the lead singer/songwriter of Europe’s hit band Mcfly.   He said he is not any good at speeches, so he decided instead of giving a wedding speech; he would perform a song version.     Take a look at “My Wedding Speech”.   What do you think?? Link:  

Bridesmaid Attends Wedding via iPad

Would you do this for your wedding? Would you ever virtually attend a wedding – let alone be a digital bridesmaid? That’s what Renee did at her best friend’s marriage ceremony in Colorado. She was asked to be a bridesmaid, but was unable to make the trip from Richmond, Virginia. That’s when she virtually pinged in using Apple’s FaceTime app for the iPad 2.   One of the groomsman carried the iPad down the aisle as Renee Armstrong was able to see the whole ceremony. The bride, Jamie Alberico, was ecstatic to have her friend attend her wedding Even though she wasn’t wearing the same wedding attire, “she got to … Continue reading Bridesmaid Attends Wedding via iPad

How to have An Amazing Wedding – Where to Start?

The Most Important Thing You Need To START WITH to Have the BEST WEDDING BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE! BONUS – What to do later to Make SURE your BEST WEDDING is not DISRUPTED When planning for a wedding we encounter every type of situation from our clients. Sometimes we get calls a year in advance and we have plenty of time to make elicit the client’s wishes and make sure all the details are in sync with those wishes. Sometimes we get calls from a caterer or planner who has a client that has 3-4 weeks to their wedding. I personally had a year and a half to put together my … Continue reading How to have An Amazing Wedding – Where to Start?

Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding and Reception Entertainment

Decide what role you want your entertainer to play. Will they act as an emcee, host, coordinator and entertainer, or just play music? Do your personalities match? Go listen to them perform. The  American Disc Jockey Association recommends that you ask the following questions: 1- Are you insured? Many responsible business owners carry liability insurance to protect their businesses and the consumer. Many locations are beginning to require proof of liability. Ask for proof of liability insurance such as a “Certificate of Liability.”

Wedding Speech Tips

Did you know that a recent survey discovered that public speaking is the number 1 fear in a person’s life and rated above death? Well I have to admit that I used to belong to that group but now on days I have started to enjoy it because of some simple tips I will share with you here on this page and of course because of much practice I have had the last years. But still I do get butterflies in my stomach right before I start talking. But when I start I forget all about it.   It seams like that it is the same with a lot of … Continue reading Wedding Speech Tips