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Utah’s Top Three Wedding Cake Bakeries

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Utah Wedding Cakes Ambrosia Exquisite Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes may be the one and only dessert couples need to celebrate their marriage.  Whether it’s vanilla, chocolate, red velvet or whatever flavor you prefer, cakes add the sweetest touch to all weddings. Wedding cakes come in many styles and sizes from fancy to naked.  The Post Office even got involved by offering a wedding cake stamp.  The classic tradition of the bride and groom feeding each other the cake symbolizes love and affection.  What better way to start your marriage than with a delicious treat?

Ever wonder where the tradition of wedding cakes came from? Originally, the first American wedding cakes were fruit cakes. The classic white wedding cake became what we know it as today because of, the one and only, Queen Victoria. She was the first to take her simple cake and add decorative white frosting to it. Thanks, Vicky!

Kelly’s Confections

Utah Wedding Cakes Kelly’s Confections

Kelly’s Confections has been serving Utah’s most elegant cakes for over ten years. The bakery is located in Northern Utah. From cakes to cupcakes, Kelly’s Confections will provide you with any cake of your choice. Kelly is most famous for her rolled fondant cakes and has a variety of flavors and styles. These delicious cakes are sure to make your wedding one to remember!

 My Sweet Cakes

Utah Wedding Cakes My Sweet Cakes

Maureen Steel, the founder of My Sweet Cakes, said it is her mission to make each and every one of her cakes special. She adds a unique twist on classic wedding cakes. Wedding cakes should reflect the couple’s personality, and that’s just what My Sweet Cakes does!

 Carrie’s Cakes


Want your cake to stand out against the rest? Carrie’s Cakes offer a one of a kind approach to wedding cakes. Her cakes offer intricate detail, vibrant colors, and a variety of shapes. If you want a cake to remember, call Carrie’s Cakes!

What is your favorite flavor and style of wedding cake?  Leave a comment and let us know.