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6 Utah Wedding Planning Tips

We are glad you visited Salt Lake Bride blog for wedding ideas!! We hope you have an enjoyable time planning your Utah wedding. We would love to hear how it is going. Take a minute to post a comment or share with your friends. If you have suggestions for a blog or other comments, please contact us. Thanks and enjoy the Utah Wedding Blog!

Planning your wedding can seem like an intimidating or daunting task – but it does not have to be that way. We are here to help you! From pre-engagement to post-wedding, we will be here every step of the way to help you stay organized and excited about your big day!

1 – Pre Engagement:


When planning your dates, remember these key components and you are sure to experience the “perfect date.” P.E.R.F.E.C.T. On a great date you should…Prepare. Engage. Respect. Feel good. Earn some respect. Celebrate. Take your time.

2 – Engagement:

mug - does this ring make me look engaged

Check out these 10 Ways to Announce Your Engagement! When you get engaged, the first thing you want to do is announce it to the world! Maybe your new fiance had a secret photographer set up with photos you can use for your Facebook announcement, but if not, you have the perfect opportunity to do more than the “here’s my ring” shot. Check out some of our favorite ideas from around the web before you hit “publish!”

3 – Pre-Wedding:

6 Utah Wedding Planning Tips pre-wedding

Weddings are a lot of work and you do not want anything to fall through the cracks! Check out our pre-wedding tasks list. They include info on wedding announcements and invitations, gift registry, pre-wedding photos, marriage license requirements, and wedding media. You do not have to do it alone – let us help you!

4 – Wedding Events:


A wedding is more than just a wedding- check out all of these fun events that go along with your wedding! Check out wedding planning tips from real couples, etiquette, common overlooked wedding details, and more!

5 – Honeymoon:


Your honeymoon is one of the most important trips you will ever take! Proper planning is a must to make the most of the experience. Here are a few guidelines to assist you in the process. Have fun planning your DREAM honeymoon!

6 – After the Wedding:

6 Utah Wedding Planning Tips after the wedding

Now that you are hitched, should you rent or buy a home? Some homes are available for rent, but apartments are more plentiful. Apartments usually have amenities that you may not be able to otherwise afford. Look at the location and talk to some residents to make sure they are happy with the accommodations and management.

We would love to hear from you with any great tips!