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5 Naked Wedding Cake Options

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Planning a wedding comes with many decisions. One of those being your wedding cake. Choosing a wedding cake can be hard a hard task. From the major decisions like the flavor of the cake, to the smallest details, like how many tiers and how thick the frosting is, there are so many aspects that go into choosing a wedding cake. We hope to make that decision easier for you by informing you of a trend we’ve observed. Right now, naked wedding cakes are all over! Consider it: you don’t have to decide how thick the frosting is, the color, and best of all, they taste great. Here are some great options and ways to customize a naked cake we’ve noticed from local vendors:

1- Powdered Sugar & Berry Heaven


My Sweet Wedding Cakes made this naked cake even prettier by adding a touch of powdered sugar; giving it a more casual and fun appearance while still looking elegant. This is an awesome idea for a spring or summer wedding. Or really, any time!

2- A Little Extra Frosting


My Sweet Wedding Cakes gave this naked cake a more sophisticated look by adding a little extra frosting to the outside. However, they still kept the naked look in tact by not covering the entire cake in frosting. This cake is great if you are going for a more traditional, sophisticated look.

3- Strawberries and Cream


My Sweet Wedding Cakes made this simple cake look customized by adding strawberry bunches to the front and designing the frosting to appear ruched. This cake is a great option for a spring or summer wedding as it is very bright and fun.

4- For the Chocolate Lover


This cake My Sweet Wedding Cakes created is perfect for the chocolate lover! Choosing chocolate over vanilla is the perfect way to customize your wedding cake while still keeping the appearance of a naked cake. You could add flower, strawberries, really anything to spice this cake up. Because what doesn’t go well with chocolate?

5- Sweet Cactus


We love this wedding cake Sweetaly made. They made this cake stand out with the thick frosting between each layer and the perfectly placed cacti. Sweetaly is a great vendor to order your wedding cake from as they also cater gelato. We can’t think of a better combination than cake and gelato.

Picking a wedding cake can be hard work and involve a lot of thought. However, it also involves taste testing- not the worst task in the world!  What kind of wedding cake are you considering?  Let us know what you think of the naked cake trend in the comments below.