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Learn Your Fiancé’s Love Language

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Do you know your partner’s love language? Do they know yours? Here is why it is important to know each other’s love language and how it can prepare you for marriage, strengthen the bond between you and your spouse or even begin a new relationship!

There are an infinite number of ways that we show the ones we love how we feel about them. We all show love and feel loved in different ways. When you first begin dating, you may find meaning in all that your partner does for you. A simple call or good morning text makes your day. You get butterflies just thinking about holding their hand or being near them. While these are all important gestures of love during any time in your relationship, some gestures may begin to lose meaning with time. Physical touch, words of affirmation, receival of gifts, quality time, and acts of service make up the 5 different languages of love. Knowing each other’s love language will help build a stronger relationship between the both of you and keep one another feeling loved and satisfied.

Physical Touch. Examples of this could be cuddling, holding hands, and hugging. This means that you or your partner feels most loved when you are near them. They feel most appreciated when holding their hand in public or when given a back massage.

Gift Receiving. Some people feel most appreciated by both large and small gifts. Whether that be some flowers, treats, or anything meaningful. This means that either you or your partner feel loved when the other person takes the time to pick something out for them and purchase it. Even creating a home-made gift could be an example of this.

Words of Affirmation. A simple text, phone call, handwritten letter, or conversation means the world to this person. Even words such as “I am proud of you “or “I love you “are great ways of telling someone you care for them. Depending on each person, words of affirmation may be needed daily, even multiple times a day.

Quality Time. One of the best ways we can show people we care for them is by making time for them. This is one of the most common love languages. Spending time with people we love, creating memories, sharing experiences, and learning more about one another all comes from quality time. An important aspect of quality time is making sure you or your partner are giving the other person their undivided attention.

Acts of Service. This form of love is full of action. Putting your time and efforts into your partner and doing things for them to make their life a little bit easier. Examples of this could be doing the dishes for them or running to the grocery store when they need to grab something.

Many people show love by the way they want to receive it. This may not line up with the way their partner feels the most loved. While all forms of love are important, this may lead to feelings of dissatisfaction. Hopefully, from reading these small descriptions you now have an idea of what one or some of your love languages might be! Recognizing both you and your partner’s love language will help you better show and receive love. You will  be able to know when your partner is trying to show their love for you. In addition, you can both work on showing love for one another through each other’s different love languages. This may require some work, but relationships full of love require commitment and effort every day. Utilizing the different love languages can truly create deeper and more meaningful connections in your relationship! Want to find out what your love languages are?

Please comment. Do you know how your fiancé shows love?   What are your favorite ways to show love?  

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