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What Makes the Perfect Date?

Lindsey K. Rietzsch – author of How to Date Your Spouse

When trying to win over your true love it is essential to plan that “special” date. Whether single, engaged, or married there is always good reason to think ahead at how you can stay center of your true love’s mind. Throughout time, dates have been proven to be the number one way to accomplish this.

So, what makes for the perfect date? Is it getting flowers or going to that new hotspot in town? Is it sharing a sentimental moment or your favorite song that just happens to play? Yes, these are all great ways to make for a memorable evening however the solution to this mystery is to combine memorable with meaningful.

When planning your dates, remember these key components and you’re sure to experience the “perfect date”:

Prepare: A planned date shows your sweetheart that you really care. He or she was important enough for you to take the time out to make an evening special. Not only will this avoid the stresses of being late, waiting in lines, or last minute indecisive behaviors it also shows your lover that you are on top of your game. You are organized, reliable, and you get things done. These are very attractive characteristics to the opposite sex.

Engage: Engage in meaningful conversation. If your date brings up a topic that you have no interest in talking about yet you notice how passionate he or she is about the subject, become interested! This is always attractive to the opposite sex especially when your interests can be so different. Ask questions, nod your head, and really try to engage in what your date is talking about. When you focus on yourself too often or you become distracted by other thoughts your date will sense that your interest at the moment is clearly not in him.

Respect: Remember what mamma always told you? She was right. Never forget your manners! Thank your date for small acts of kindness and provide acts of kindness as well. Put your date’s needs ahead of your own and the favor will be returned. How we treat our date expresses our inward feelings. Observe your body language and make sure it is in compliance with how you feel. Treat your date like gold and the rewards will be tenfold!

Feel Good: Make sure you are in a good mood before the date begins. It’s not fair to your date otherwise. A positive attitude is not only attractive but contagious. If you had a bad day, brush it off! Don’t use your date as an outlet for venting and complaining. Remember a date allows you the perfect opportunity and reason to start your day over on the right foot. Take advantage of this!

Earn Some Interest: Don’t be the boring date! Look for ways to be interesting. Plan an activity that allows you to show off some of your skills and attractive traits! Try new things and visit unique places. Spark up exciting conversations and unusual topics. Avoid talking about the weather and the gas prices. This is your chance to shine! Be careful not to use this as a tool for boasting about yourself. Look for ways to share the spotlight with your date.

Celebrate: Look for things to celebrate! This is a great way to turn a sour situation good. When obstacles arise on your date always look for the good and celebrate it. Let your date know that you are not easily brought down. This is very attractive! At dinner have a toast and mention things you are grateful for. Turn small things into big reasons to celebrate. Maybe your sweetheart just discovered that he didn’t get the raise he had hoped for. Begin your date by saying, “Later I’m taking you out for ice cream to celebrate that you still have a job!” If life at the moment seems at a standstill and there is no exciting news, make your own exciting news!

Take Your Time: A rushed date is a forgettable date. Take your time! When you are truly having a great time, time itself should have no meaning. Don’t plan too much. Take time to notice social queues around you. Notice the details in your surroundings and point them out to your date. This will not only help you enjoy your evening but ensure that you will remember it as will your date!

Good luck!

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