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Bridal Gown Guide

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Lets face it, finding that perfect, “once-in-a-lifetime” dress can be overwhelming. You like a mermaid fit but you also want that giant ruffle skirt… What’s a bride to do? Luckily there are many great online resources for finding the perfect dress, or at least to help in narrowing your options down. Here at Salt Lake Bride we want YOU to find everything your heart desires for your dream wedding. We’ve compiled some helpful dress shopping guides and quizzes that will help you find your best fit. 



Sweetheart Neckline: Give the illusion of a fuller bust with a classic Sweetheart neckline, which creates curves, volume and definition.

Plunging Neckline: There is a kind of classic chic that small-chested brides can pull off with a deep neckline. Maybe even take advantage of the opportunity for a backless option. 

High Neckline: A high-necked gown calls attention to the neck and face all while drawing it away from the bust.

Bigger Chest:

Definitely explore styles with straps thick enough to cover your bra straps or dresses that offer built-in support. 

A-Line With Thick Straps: This is a great option to accentuate your bust while also ensuring support options. The A-line will also be more conservative, meaning no tugging and pulling during your big day. 

Boatneck: If drawing attention to your shoulders and face takes priority over your chest area, this is the neckline for you. The boatneck is conservative and creates great angels.

One-shoulder: It can be hard to pull off a strapless dress when you are a bustier bride. The one shoulder cut will offer you the best of both worlds. Get the support you need, while showing off your bare shoulder. 

Wide Hips:

If you are wanting to accentuate your curves, Try a Dropped Waist. For those brides wanting to draw away from their hips, try a Basque Waist or an Empire Waist. 

Long Legs:

Mermaid Gown: A great choice for long-legged brides. The mermaid gown draws in tight around the hips, thus enhancing curves and drawing attention to the waist. It then flares out at the bottom to create a very timeless and feminine silhouette.

Short Legs:

Sheath Style: This style is designed with the seam running vertically from the shoulders down to the hips. It’s one of the best dress silhouettes for petite brides. 


Here our some of our favorite FREE Quizzes: (no sign-up required) 

We are all visual learners and this quiz lets you see a ton of different styles. By hearting the dresses that catch your attention, the quiz narrows it down to your style type. It then offers some great looks in that style and (best part) within your price range.

This quiz is more focused on the TYPE of dress that would fit your body type best. Do you have an hourglass figure? Triangle? This quiz will help you find the best fit for your big day.

This quiz will lead you right to dresses for sale that fall within your selected styles. Affordable and fun to get an idea of what kinds of dresses are out there! (spoiler alert: there are a lot) 

Honorable mention: 

Not a quiz, but helpful in understanding body composition and dress styles!

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