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7 Tips for Bridal Makeup

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Every bride should look and feel her best on her wedding day. Make sure you do too by following these 7 Bridal Makeup Tips.

1. Drink lots of water the day before

You want your skin to look hydrated and refreshed on your big day. That means drinking lots of water! Drinking water flushes out any toxins harboring in your body and leaves your skin looking soft and plump. Brides don’t have time for dry, flakey skin!

2. Do a makeup trial run

There is nothing worse than getting your makeup done and not loving it. On your wedding day, you should feel beautiful and confident. It is important to either do a trial run with your makeup artist or know exactly what look you are going to do on yourself.

Salt Lake Bride Blog Post 7 Tips for Bridal Makeup bride with flowers

3. Stay true to yourself

Makeup is a great tool used to enhance your natural beauty, and on your wedding day, you should only do looks that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. With that being said if you never wear makeup, on your wedding day you shouldn’t do a dark smokey eye, cat-eye, and full face of foundation. On the other hand, if you wear full-glam makeup every day, your wedding isn’t the day to try barely-anything-there-makeup.

4. Don’t wear SPF

Unless it is a tried and true product that you know photographs well, don’t use SPF products on your big day. Why? Well, the ingredients in products containing SPF cause flash-back. Flash-back is the white-cast makeup leave in photos caused by the flash in your camera. With all the photos you’ll be taking, you want to avoid this at all cost!

Salt Lake Bride Blog Post 7 Tips for Bridal Makeup bride

5. Pick out your favorite lipstick

Throughout the day, you’re going to want to reapply your lipstick. Unlike the rest of your makeup, lipstick easily wears off. If a makeup artist is doing your makeup, they will usually apply lipstick on you before sending you off to tie the knot; however, after a drink or two you’re going to want to reapply. Don’t be left lipstickless… Bring your own and have someone carry it around for you all day!

Salt Lake Bride Blog Post 7 Tips for Bridal Makeup before and after

6. Waterproof mascara, please!

Weddings are emotional! If you cry you want to make sure you don’t have raccoon eyes all day. Buy a waterproof mascara so that your lashes look good all night long.

Salt Lake Bride Blog Post 7 Tips for Bridal Makeup bride 2

7. Get a makeup artist

Doing your own makeup on the day-of can be stressful and overwhelming. Brides shouldn’t have to worry about that. Listed below are some of the best makeup artists in Utah:
Pritchett Bridal & Salon
Signature Brides & Design
Grand America Spa
@everydayglamourhood (Instagram)
@emmakeovers (Instagram)
@alexakait (instagram)

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