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Jewelry, Hair, and Makeup for Your Wedding

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While not everyone will notice your basic accessories (slip, shoes, etc.) everyone will notice your jewelry, hair, and makeup. These items are often what brides spend the most attention on getting perfect. They may buy several necklaces, try a dozen hairstyles, and buy gobs of makeup before find the perfect look. Try these tips that will save you time and money.

Jewelry –
One of the most important accessories is your jewelry. The necklace you wear will often be the second thing guests notice after your dress. As with all accessories- make sure your jewelry matches the style of the wedding and your own personal style. Often brides will choose a piece of jewelry that complements their headpiece or the beading on their gown. Many brides simply choose a pearl necklace. Pearls are very traditional for weddings and are often seen at celebrity and royalty weddings. You can choose to invest in a strand of real pearls, or maybe you just want a one-time-use necklace made from artificial pearls. Either way, you’re going to look great- pearls look wonderful on any woman and with any style.  Make sure your necklace matches your wedding dress- for example: a choker doesn’t look very good with a low neckline and would be better with a jewel or boat neckline. Also make sure that your earring coordinate with your necklace- many stores sell matching sets, which make your job easy. If you don’t buy a matching set, just make sure that only one item is obvious- if you want long draping earring, try a simpler necklace.

Hair –
Your hairstyle will make a huge style impact on your overall look. One of the main problems with hairstyles is that some brides choose an extremely extravagant hairstyle that they will regret when they look at the pictures in a couple years. Your best bet is to keep it as simple as possible. Don’t worry- simple does not mean boring. There are many beautiful styles that were common decades ago and will still be common years from now. How many brides have you seen with a French twist? What about a bun? There are many more styles to choose from that are all traditional and beautiful.
Try to keep these tips in mind when choosing your hairstyle: If your hair is thin, you may not want it pulled up into a do, for fear of it falling out. If your hair is very thick, it may be best to try to contain it, like with a braid or bun. If your hair is curly, let it be curly, now is not the time to experiment with straighteners- you may choose to emphasize the curls simply swirl them back into a loose up-do. If your hair is dead straight, try a French twist or another simple do that will detract from its straightness. If your hair is short, just leave it down- any attempt at an up-do will look ridiculously disproportioned. If your hair is long, great for you, you can do virtually anything- up, down, curls, braid, it all looks great.

Makeup –
Makeup is probably the hardest thing to decide on. Luckily, there is one major test to weed out inappropriate makeup- black and white pictures. Do a test run with several different styles of makeup and several different colors, have one of your friends or family take pictures of each look. Have the pictures developed in black and white and color. Now, go through the pictures and get rid of any styles that look horrible in black and white- this generally includes makeup that is too dark or too unnatural. Next, go through the remaining styles in color and compare and contrast how each style makes you look and think about how you feel looking at yourself in that style. Is it a good look for a wedding? Or would it be better at a dance club?
Usually, brides look best in very natural colors and minimal makeup. This doesn’t mean just lathe on the lip gloss and walk out the door- it is still important that you feel like you look your best. If that means a little bit of blue eye shadow, or a dark red lipstick, go ahead- it’s your big day. Just remember the idea of looking at the pictures in a couple years- are you going to still be happy you wore that blue eye shadow? Another important thing to remember is to not forget your own style. If you are a girl that only wears makeup a couple times a month, now is not the time to go all out with the eyeliner and blush. Try to keep your wedding day makeup looking like an improved version of your usual makeup style.

Every bride should look and feel her best on her wedding day. Make sure you do too. Choose only accessories that you feel comfortable wearing and that you feel would accentuate the feeling of that special day.

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