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5 Bridal Gown Preservation Tips

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Your wedding dress is arguably the most important dress you will ever wear, but how sad that you really only ever get to wear it once! Sure you can look back at the pictures and videos and reminisce about that magical night while your dress withers away in some dusty old box in your attic…OR you could preserve your dress so that it lasts from generation to generation! Having your bridal gown professionally preserved will protect that somewhat hefty investment you made and ensure that it can be passed down in the future. Here are some tips that will help you preserve your happy, love and celebration-filled dress!

  1. Go to a professional. Your dress is unique in style, color, fabric, stitching, accessories, etc. and each dress should receive a personalized treatment plan. During this process be sure to ask about the damage risks, if you will get reimbursed  for the cost of the dress if something were to happen to it in the process, and how long the preservation is guaranteed to last.
  2. Don’t wait! Stains are bound to happen on your wedding day. Think about it. The whole day you are surrounded by cake and wine and countless happy, excited people wanting to hug and congratulate you and the last thing on their minds is keeping their bright red lipstick and layers of foundation away from your pristine white dress. If you wait too long, the stains will set and you run the risk of even a professional not being able to remove them.
  3. Keep it up. Even after the preservation process has been completed, continue to take care of your dress. Keep it in a cool, dark place so it doesn’t fade or turn yellow. Keep the box away from moisture. Don’t open the airtight box once it is sealed shut, but if you do, be sure to get it preserved and sealed again.
  4. Accessories are still important! You can preserve your shoes and bouquet as well. Wrap the newly cleaned shows in tissue paper and store them in a box. For preserving your bouquet do some research and find what route you like best. You could press or hang them or even coat the flowers in wax.
  5. Better late than never. While best to start as soon as possible, it really never is too late to preserve your dress. It’ll properly cost you more the longer you have waited but like we’ve said, better late than never right??

We hope these few tips can help you get started in your own bridal gown preservation process. How amazing is it to be able to preserve such amazing, beautiful and important memories?

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