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Wedding Emergency Kit

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Imagine this: You’re getting ready for the most special day of your life. Your makeup is done, your hair pinned up so beautifully and you go to slip on your dream dress and…OOPS…your stunning ring snags on the dress and rips a little hole in it.

Or what about this: You’re partying a little too hard on the dance floor, your chic updo starts to look more like a bird’s nest and there’s not a bobby pin in sight.

Or how about this: It’s time to cut the cake, you have a piece in your hand, and your new hubby has one in his. It’s a dreamy chocolate cake with creamy frosting (a disaster for any white dress occasion) and suddenly everything escalates as you shove your piece in his face and he does the same to you and before you know it, you’ve spilled on your dress.


Let’s be real…every one of these situations is a bride’s worst nightmare. But have no fear….Your wedding emergency kit is here!!!

Here is a list of 20 items you should be prepared with just in case something doesn’t go quite like you planned:

  1. Bobby pins: For any bird nest situation that may arise.
  2. Breath mints: Really these aren’t just for you but for anyone and everyone that may need one.
  3. Extra Deodorant: I don’t feel like an explanation is needed for this one
  4. Chapstick: No one likes dry lips.
  5. Floss: you WILL be eating food, so don’t let some stubborn piece of lettuce that decided to stick around ruin your pictures.
  6. Extra Earring Backs: These tiny little suckers can get lost easily, it never hurts to have a few extra around.
  7. Eye Drops: Allergies can be such a buzz kill, especially if your reception is outside.
  8. Mini Sewing Kit: Snags are so common but so easy to fix if you have a needle and a little thread within reach! Be sure to have extra buttons, safety pins and every color of thread you may need depending on your bridal party.
  9. Snacks: We cannot emphasize this one enough. You will not have a lot of down time on your wedding day and you may not even get to see the food at your reception! Keeping a few snacks around will help ward off the “hangriness” and keep you and your hubby in a good mood.
  10. Blotting Papers: Keep the shine under control. Between the nerves, crowds of people and hot sun (if you are outside) you will thank us for adding this to your kit.
  11. Medicine: Keeping some sort of pain-reliever, allergy meds, Tums, and anything else you think you could need in your kit is not a bad idea.
  12. Mini First Aid Kit: Bumps, bruises and blisters are not uncommon. Better safe than sorry!
  13. Nail Polish: In your color and your bridesmaids’ for any necessary touch ups.
  14. Phone Charger: Sure, you’ll have a professional photographer/videographer, but those little candid pictures and videos captured on your phone are just as important, however, using your phone all day will drain it pretty fast.
  15. Makeup Remover: For lipstick corrections, smeared mascara or an accidental spot of foundation/powder on your dress.
  16. Stain Remover Pen: Wearing white is always a dangerous game. Keep your dress spotless with some sort of stain remover.
  17. Tissues: For all the happy tears!!!!
  18. Water Bottles: For the in between moments when then only place to find water is in your emergency kit! Stay hydrated!!!
  19. Extra Lipstick: With all the kissing, eating and talking, you are definitely going to need to touch up throughout the day!
  20. Hairspray: Fix those little flyaway hairs in no time!

Everyone needs a sidekick and trust us, on your big day, your emergency kit will be yours.

Leave a comment and let us know what else you would include – 

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