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10 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping!

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There is no doubt that wedding dress shopping can be stressful.  We have ten tips for you that are sure to make it just as magical as you have dreamed that it would be since you were a little girl!

  1. Bring similar shoes to the ones that you plan to wear on the big day. An easy mistake to make is not bringing the right shoes, and it does make a difference! If you plan to wear four inch heels on your wedding day, but you get your dress altered to fit you with bare feet on, you have a big problem. It is a simple thing that will make alterations easy and breezy.
  2. Keep your entourage small. We know that you want to invite all your friends and family.  But a small, close entourage of guests to your wedding dress try on will keep you from feeling like you need to please everyone.  After all, the only person who needs to love the dress is YOU!
  3. Do your research, but don’t be close minded. You will probably go into your appointment with plenty of ideas from Pinterest, and a silhouette that you love, but don’t be shut off to other options. You might love something unexpected, and that is the fun of it!
  4. Trust your instincts. YOU ARE THE BRIDE, and no one knows you as well as you do. Trust your gut and pick something that you absolutely love and feel completely comfortable in. Your friends and family will love what you love!
  5. Have a clear budget. Going into a dress appointment without a budget is a big mistake. Budgets are great because they help sort down the dress selection, and also keep you from stressing about money when you should only be worried about how you feel!
  6. Keep your venue and season in mind. You will look beautiful in any dress, but it would be odd if you wore a silk ballgown to your beach wedding, or a flowy dress with bare feet to a black tie wedding. Keep your wedding vibe in mind, and you and your consultant will have a better vision of what you want!
  7. Wear the right undergarments. Wear underclothing that is the same or similar to what you will wear on your wedding day. It does affect how the dress fits, and you don’t want any lines showing on your wedding day!
  8. Do your hair and makeup. You don’t need to do full wedding glam.  But having your hair and makeup done will help you get the full vision of what you will look like on your wedding day!
  9. Don’t forget the veil! The veil changes the whole look of your dress, and it can make or break a dress, so never forget to try on veils with your dress. Not only will it help you make a decision, but it will also make the fact that you’re getting married even more real!

brides in beautiful gowns

Finally, Have fun! There are only so many times in life that you get to plan a whole event that celebrates you and someone you love! Soak in every moment, have someone in your entourage take pics, and go into it with a happy attitude!

What are you tips??  Please leave a comment below.

Cover Photo: Utah Bride Room