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Date Ideas For Any Occasion

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Whether or not you are already married, engaged, or just dating, finding something to do to spend together can be really difficult. The classic dinner and a movie may seem worn out, while a vacation to Cabo may not be the most wallet friendly. Date Night creates new experiences that relationships can grow from and show commitment. They can even de-stress a relationship as memories are created and pure enjoyment is found again.


Taking pictures together is not just for weddings or engagement pictures. These pictures can be used to decorate your home, be kept in each other’s wallet, or just to have for the future. Getting dressed up and taking both cute and funny pictures together is a perfect way to laugh and have fun with each other. All of the pictures in this post are taken by Cheap Shots Photography. They are an affordable Utah wedding photography company that create high quality photos at a price that does not break the bank. Be sure to check out their information on our website here:

That being said, you do not necessarily need a professional photographer to take cute pictures together. Phones now have such amazing cameras, that just asking a person walking by to take a picture of you two works great!


Taking a class together is the perfect way to learn something new, while spending time together. You can find local classes around you through a simple Internet or Groupon search. Cooking, dancing, painting, exercising, axe throwing, the list goes on. Either way, it will be fun to see the other struggle, or succeed and you may find a new hobby that you both like to do together.


Ladies love a good spa night, but guys can love it too. Spend time together at home creating a relaxing environment for each other. Draw a bubble bath, put on some clay face masks, and give each other massages. Not all date nights require going out and looking presentable. Sometimes, the dates that are solely about relaxation are the best ones.


Choose two weeks of a month. One week have one person teach the other a skill such as baking, playing the piano, or how to speak some words in another language. The next week, the other will teach. This is a great way to find common interests and learn from each other. This will help with communication and understanding the other person.


This one, have fun with. Be careful of each other’s emotions, but a friendly competition can be very fun and entertaining. Decorate cakes, make a food dish, come up with more date ideas, see who can make the best thrifted outfit etc. and have your friends vote on who they think won. This can be serious or silly depending on your relationship and your friends will be in on the fun too.


Planned dates are lovely and amazing, but sometimes, the best most vulnerable moments are in the 20 minutes you spend just talking on the couch. Talk about each other’s day and what they plan for tomorrow. Ask each other how you are doing and if there is anything they can do to help you.

Date night is so much fun no matter what stage of your relationship you are in. You can make almost anything into a date so do not feel pressure to spend large sums of money or time on every one. Dates are supposed to create meaningful memories that shape and can strengthen a relationship. Always remember date night, and make time for it.

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