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The Perfect Wedding Shoes

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Shoes are often forgotten when it comes to the list of things to remember for your wedding, but they’re critical! There is so much excitement around finding and picking a wedding dress that when you are ready for your first fitting, you forget about the shoes! The shoes you pick will help your seamstress tailor your dress to the correct length.  You will be wearing these shoes all day so you will want to make sure you love them and are comfortable! It has also become a trend for photographers to take close up shots of little details like shoes, jewelry, or small mementos. Your wedding shoes are a great way to show off your personality! Make a statement with your shoes and find the perfect ones for your wedding style! And remember, whatever shoe choice you make, don’t forget to break them in!  

Heels. Heels are a wedding classic. They can help the bride and the groom stay in the same frame for pictures, not to mention having a sleek aesthetic. Though heels aren’t always the best option for the dancing the night away, or for an outdoors wedding in the lawn. Plan accordingly so you’re not sinking into the grass! You could even have heels for pictures and choose a second pair of shoes that are better for dancing and being on your feet all day.  

Flats. Flats are a great option when heels aren’t your style. They’re comfortable, safe for walking on grass, and great for dancing the night away. They’re also great for tall brides who don’t want to be taller than their groom.  

Tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are a fun shoe choice! You can go from athletic tennis shoes like Nike or Adidas, or more casual tennies like Vans or Converse. They’re comfortable AND make a cute statement for pictures.  

Boots. We can’t forget our rustic brides! Boots are a great option to match with the aesthetic of your wedding. Cowgirl boots are perfect for outdoor weddings, rustic themes and so much more. Get in touch with your country side and give boots a try. 

Fun Prints. No matter what shoe type you choose, it’s always fun to mix it up and add a pop of color or some fun prints! Try animal print like cheetah or leopard, find metallic shoes that reflect, floral prints, or even just a bright color that make a statement! 

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