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‘Fall’ in Love with these Eye-Catching Autumn Color Schemes

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As the temperature creeps lower and the leaves turn different shades of red, yellow, and orange, brides from every side of the mountains are looking for the best color schemes to adapt into their beautiful fall wedding. Whether the Big Day is in September, October, or November, we’ve got the most jaw-dropping color ideas for your fresh autumn celebration.

Maroon, Pink, and Orange 

The deep purple tones of maroon complement the bright pops of orange, with pink to balance out these two drastic tones. This color combo is perfect for the most passionate of love stories, conveying the drama that comes with a wild romance.

Teal, Orange, Red, and Pink 

Nothing off-sets orange better than its complementary color, blue. Adding a splash of teal to your classic pumpkin backdrop will spice up any party. Mixing in the red and yellow accents on each side of orange creates an analogous complement fit for fearless lovers who aren’t afraid to let their bold devotion show.


Nothing makes the bride pop more than dark colors, and nothing gets darker than black. It offers a very elegant look and absolutely everyone looks good in it. Throw in gold or silver accents for a bewitching wedding fit for royalty. Such a dramatic color offsets the cool colors of the fall sky and sets the mood for the beginning of an enchanting love affair.

Whether you choose the bold brights that fall brings or prefert the mellower undertones, we can’t wait to snuggle up with you under a flannel blanket on your big day! Throw in some fall favorites like caramel apples, hot cocoa, and hayrides to make your autumn celebration one to remember.