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10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 5

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We did a lot to plan a wedding this week. I finalized a lot more with our coordinator and continued staying organized with check lists and calendars.

Michael was out of town again this week for work. I’m glad he has a good job – I just wish they wouldn’t have picked during the holidays to be super busy and send all the engineers out of town every week, but we’ll roll with it. What else can we do?

We got a lot done this week though to plan our wedding.   I finalized a lot more with our coordinator and continued staying organized with check lists and calendars (such a life saver – you’ll see some of this in the video). Michael and I try to keep each other up to speed on everything throughout the week. We’re still looking into a honeymoon location, but we definitely want to try and find a nice cruise somewhere. I’m also still struggling finding some shoes for my dress. I have to find them soon so I can get my dress hemmed to the right length. But everything is still going really well.

We also had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our families! Figuring out how to work the holiday situation with two different families is rough because you want to spend a lot of time with each family. We’ve been thinking a lot about this and how to do all the holidays and even Sundays. It’s definitely a new adventure to figure this out with two local families, but it’s fun! I love having even more wonderful people to celebrate with! This year we had Thanksgiving dinner with my family and dessert with his family. We spent a good chunk of time at each place so it worked out great! Christmas will be nice too because Michael’s family does a big celebration on Christmas Eve and my family does ours on Christmas day, so that couldn’t be more perfect – all the fun things you need to think about as you get married.

Check out the video to see highlights of this week. 1-4:22 minutes talks about calendaring and checklists (awesome tips) and minutes 4:23-14:20 is a new conversation with our awesome coordinator, Chris!


  • More registering on
  • Michael’s mom finalized the  wedding dinner reservations (Tucanos! Michael’s brother did his wedding dinner there and they really liked it)
  • Working on compiling our list of those to attend the wedding dinner
  • We sent out our Google form on Facebook to compile addresses and it is working like a charm!! (we need to get the total number to our printer when we give the wedding invitation design files to him next week)
  • We’ve narrowed down our engagement pictures to 5 we really like and Tammy gave us two drafts of  our invitations. We’re waiting on the second drafts to see how they turn out! She’s doing amazing! )
  • Decided on meeting with our baker for the wedding cake after Thanksgiving
  • Made my hair appointment for  the big day! (My sweet hair lady that I’ve known since I was about 5 is going to do my do for me.
  • Michael has been working on  looking into locations for our honeymoon (we’re looking into a cruise )
  • Michael will be putting together our video for our display at the reception
  • Talked with my coordinator again and changed up some things with linens. We also finalized more with         the set-up (how many tables, placement of tables, placement of our line, possible food, etc…) (p.s. we’ve decided we’re just going to have Michael and I in our line so our families can mingle and rest whenever they want)
  • Talked for two seconds with Colleen from Flowers Squared since I found a napkin at the Garden Restaurant that is the EXACT orange color I’m looking for to use in my flowers! Colleen found an awesome rose in that color!
  • Working on finding me some shoes to wear with my dress! (I need to find them quick so I can get my dress altered to the right length soon)
  • Working on getting Michael’s  wedding ring
  • Finalized the color and type of ties for all of the boys

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