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10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding – WEEK 6

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Week 6 is over! Only one month left to plan a wedding!

Michael was out of town for work again, but he is normally always home on the weekends so I get to see him really soon! We got a lot of wedding planning done this week again though. One thing I really wanted to talk about is combating any potential stress by keeping things fun! Hence the picture.

Just be silly with each other. There is honestly no need to be so caught up as you plan a wedding that you forget the real reason for everything you’re doing. You’re getting married to the love of your life – you should have fun in the process! It also helps to have an amazing coordinator at The Joseph Smith Memorial Building who tells me it is her job to worry about things, not mine. But remember that everything probably isn’t going to be 100% perfectly how you imagined it, and that’s ok. You can get things pretty darn close to perfect and get everything to feel the way you want, but remember to be flexible. I had a good friend tell me just today this wonderful advice, “The more flexible you are, the happier you’ll be”. I believe that to be true. Enjoy the ride and don’t let the little things ruin anything for you. This is you and your sweetheart’s big day – it’s going to be amazing no matter what because YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! That’s what is most important. So get some sleep, have fun and be happy!

The  video recaps the highlights of our week to plan a wedding with some fun pictures! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and check out the bullet point list below the video. Enjoy!


  • Dress fitting scheduled  (December 14th – you need AT LEAST 3 weeks before your wedding to get  fitted, get the alterations done and then try it on again to make sure everything fits just right)
  • Final proofing of wedding invitations
  • Michael got sized for his ring (I’m working on getting him one now )
  • Honeymoon booked! (We’re  going to the Bahamas on a cruise!!! So excited!!!)
  • Booked wedding videographer – Nathan Pickett
  • Gathered all addresses from friends and family (figure out which ones need the sealing (wedding ceremony) invite and wedding dinner invite)
  • More Pinterest to figure out how I should do my makeup
  • Figure out signage and  quotes for the reception decor
  • Figure out which pictures to print for the reception (my sister is printing a few for my bridal shower that I can use at the reception as well)
  • Talked to our bishops for advice on preparing for marriage (I would definitely encourage anyone to talk to their ecclesiastical leader if you are of a religious affiliation, or family members as you plan a wedding, but marriage in general – it is very helpful because this is a HUGE step and change in  both of your lives, it’s good to hear what others have to say about it)

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