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How to Pick Your Wedding Colors

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From centerpieces to flowers to bridesmaid dresses, color plays a prominent role in the ambiance and energy of a wedding. With so many to choose from, picking your wedding colors can seem a little daunting. Here’s a short guide for choosing colors so you can look at your pictures years down the road and still love your look.

Color Affects Mood

When picking your wedding colors, consider the effect that color has on mood and atmosphere. Science studies have shown that brighter colors like green and yellow are more energizing, warmer colors like red and orange evoke more passion, and cooler colors like blues and violets are calming and relaxing. Any of these emotions can be positive for a wedding, it’s just up to you to pick which ones you want to play into! If you want your reception to be a happy and energetic event, consider using lighter and brighter colors. If you are going for a classy and sophisticated feel, consider using cooler tones or neutrals- black, white, or even gold go a very long way. If you want a warm and cozy ambiance, consider warmer and slightly deeper colors. 

Don’t Forget a Neutral

No matter how beautiful your color combo is, it won’t reach its full potential without a neutral to balance it out. With bold tones especially, it’s easy for colors to become aesthetically overwhelming, and individual colors will begin to compete with each other. When choosing your colors, remember to include a neutral that will add to, rather than draw away from, the beauty of each individual tone. Whether this is black, gray, gold, or even white, a neutral will do wonders for your theme. Don’t stress about how to use the neutrals; incorporating them into tablecloths, backdrops, or even into a bouquet is enough. 

You Can Always Use Green

Despite what many people think, green can be included in almost any decorative setting. It is nature’s bonus color, per se. Think about it- no matter what color a flower is, its stem and leaves will always be green. Playing up the green in your bouquets and centerpieces is an excellent way to add life to a room without adding any other overwhelming colors. And as an added perk, green looks good with any skin tone!


With all this talk of neutrals and ambiance, the most important thing to remember is that whatever colors you choose should be the ones that make you happy! This is your big day, so make it your own and enjoy it to the fullest.