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Wedding Planning Problems and How to Avoid Them

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We all dream about the perfect wedding, but in reality, wedding planning is full of challenges! This blog is to help you anticipate and plan for some of the most common challenges so that when they arise, you won’t have to let them ruin your day.


Family drama

As the saying goes, “When you get married, you marry a family.” Weddings are essentially the combining of two families, and as such they present a lot of new situations. Your parents and your in-laws likely won’t have all the same opinions on which traditions are important, so compromise will be essential. In order to please everyone, make sure to set expectations early on. Express your appreciation for everyone involved in planning your wedding, and make sure to communicate expectations and boundaries clearly. And remember, as important as it is to compromise, this wedding is yours! Make that clear and your parents and in-laws should respect that and support you.



The budget of a wedding is a huge source of stress for many brides. Part of this is simply due to the lack of a plan. (Can I be spendy on this photographer if I already splurged on my dress?) Weddings are pricey but setting your budget for each area of your wedding beforehand will eliminate the need for extra worry and extra spending. There are many vendors out there with lower price ranges, and our site can help you find them! Decide early on in the planning process which parts of the wedding are most important to you, and which you are willing to spend the most on. Maybe having gorgeous florals is your top priority, so you’ll stick with a more basic venue in order to dedicate more of your budget to flowers. Having this predetermined as you plan your wedding will eliminate a lot of stress, because the budget can make decisions for you!


Unspoken expectations Going Unmet

Weddings are such happy and exciting occasions that sometimes we build them up in our heads. Most of us have dreamed about our perfect wedding day since we were about six years old. No matter how practical our wedding plans, sometimes we cling to those original expectations. However, problems will arise if we expect things to turn out a certain way without voicing those expectations. Make your wedding magical, but make sure to communicate how you intend to do so!



As much as we wish we could control the weather, we can’t. You may plan the most magical woodland wedding, but it’ll rain. Or perhaps your winter wedding is inside, but your maid of honor got caught in a snowstorm and can’t make it. There are a thousand ways that the weather can foil our plans. However, we don’t have to let it ruin the day! When planning your wedding, plan for the weather. Consider the need for coverage if your wedding is outside, and how transportation will go for guests who live far away. If it’s rainy, wedding photos can be taken under matching umbrellas and be even more charming than they would have before. If it’s windy, turn towards the breeze and let your hair flow. Even if your day doesn’t go exactly as planned, remember that it is all about you and the person you love, and enjoy it to the fullest!