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Featured Wedding – Jessica and Michael

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Salt Lake Bride Featured Wedding - Jessica and Michael

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Bride Name:
Jessica Hunt
Groom Name: Michael Doxey

How you met: My boss set us up on a blind date! I always tell people to go on blind dates because you never know…it might be the best thing you’ll ever do! 🙂

How he proposed: Michael knows how to get to my heart.  He talked to my dad to ask for my hand and my dad said yes!  However, we wanted to wait for the custom ring before we made it official and told everyone else.  One day Michael set up this whole scheme where I thought we were just taking my mom to my sister’s house and then he and I would go do something else.  Little did I know, that was his plot to get my whole family together in one place.  We pulled up to my sister’s house and her kids came running out to see us – typical cuteness from them.  My little 8 year old niece asked me if Michael had proposed to me yet.  I laughed and told her no – those kids always asked cute questions like that so I didn’t think anything of it.  We went into my sister’s house and my niece said Michael should just ask me to marry him right now.   I just laughed it off – I thought she was being silly.  Then my nephew said the same thing. I just kept laughing.  Then Michael asked my little 3 year old niece if she also thought he should ask me right now.  My heart stopped. Was he going to propose?!   Naturally my little niece said yes, and Michael dropped down on one knee and asked.  I couldn’t believe it was happening! I had no idea!  It was so fun to have my family in on the surprise and it was adorable how Michael got my sister’s kids to participate!  So special! 🙂

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Gown Shop / Designer: Bridal Corner Gowns and Tuxedos

Ceremony Site: Salt Lake City LDS Temple

Reception Site: Joseph Smith Memorial Building | Sharon Manchestor Room

Cake: A friend made this for us

Flowers: Flowers Squared

Food / Catering: Joseph Smith Memorial Building Catering

Formal Wear: Tux from Fifth Avenue Tuxedos

Hair: Artistic Hair

Featured Wedding Page03s
Friend designed them for us

Jewelry: Bridal Corner Gowns and Tuxedos

Music / Entertainment: Joseph Smith Memorial Building Wedding Music Playlist

Photography: Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen Photography

Decorations / Rentals: Flowers Squared and DIY Picture Frames and Quotes

Video: Nathan Pickett Films

Honeymoon Destination: Cruise to the Bahamas

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