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Booking a Wedding Videographer: 3 Reasons Why You Should Make the Investment

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If you ask brides about how they spent their wedding budget, the majority will tell you that choosing to invest in a talented photographer and videographer was the BEST thing they spent their money on. You may be convinced that it is worth it to invest in photography alone, but you may be asking yourself whether or not booking a wedding videographer is going to be worth it in the end.

Here are three reasons why booking a wedding videographer is worth  the investment:


1) Your wedding video allows everyone to experience your special day, including family & friends who couldn’t be there in person.

Because weddings usually involve inviting hundreds of people across dozens of states, not everyone you invite will always be able to make it on the day you choose. If you have a wedding video, you can share it with your loved ones who are not able to come in person. It’s a beautiful way for people to vicariously enjoy your special day, even after the fact.


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2) Your wedding video can capture details and emotions.

In addition to beautiful photography, your wedding videographer can not only capture emotions and feelings from your special day but also pair them with music and effects that bring ALL of the emotions back to your memory. Video adds a totally separate dimension of art to your wedding keepsakes and brings it all back to life.



3) Your wedding video becomes a family heirloom.

Remember how we mentioned sharing your video with those who weren’t there? Let’s not forget that you have your future children and grandchildren who you can share this wedding video with in the future. How amazing is that! 

Still unsure about booking a wedding videographer? Check out a few of our favorite videographers and their work to decide if booking a wedding videographer investment is worth it for you!

Some of our favorite videographers: @larkprojects, @jakeandkylee, @brattphotoandfilm