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Changing Lanes Entertainment Group performs for the biggest and most incredible events in the nation as well as in exotic locations around the globe. They have performed their magic in states like Florida, California, Arizona, Minnesota, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Louisiana, Texas, Utah, Mississippi, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Kansas, Massachusetts, Georgia, and too many other states to mention, and have satisfied clients in Cancun, Mexico; Bahamas; Virgin Islands; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Dominican Republic; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Puerto Rico, to name a few. When you book a band for a party, and you want to make sure they’ll be of the highest caliber, delivering quality dance music that’ll keep the floor packed with groovin’ guests ’till the wee hours of the morning, you have no choice but to hire a band from CLEG.

ur bands are well-known for being the life of the party, the ultimate party entertainers that add extreme amounts of energy and fun to wedding receptions, corporate parties, Christmas parties, charity parties, and dance parties. Our exclusive bands are beyond good, they’re out of this world.

If you’re planning a wedding and want to ensure it’s the most unforgettable day imaginable, know that it’s the wedding party music that will usually determine how memorable your special day turns out to be. Perfect weddings need the perfect entertainment. Our wedding music bands provide music that can’t be beat. They are experienced and professional; delivering music that perfectly compliments the desires of the wedding couple.

Your first encounter with a band from CLE may happen to catch you off guard. Whether your only intent was to show up as a plus one, indulge in hors d’oeuvres and meet great people, each band is known to surpass any and all measures. This diversified group consists of 7 uniquely talented studio-recording vocalists and a team of 30, professionally hand picked and effortlessly gifted musicians. Changing Lanes Entertainment Group founder, CJ Drisdom, coordinated the collected group through a foundation of close friends. This uniquely formatted group has been brought from all walks of life to be known today as the Nations Hottest PartyRockFunkSoul Show Bands. 

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