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Utah Wedding Photographers

Your wedding photographer or wedding videographer is tasked with making tangible memories of your big day. They will capture every moment from the bride and her party getting ready, to the final goodbyes of the night. It is important that you choose a photographer that fits your specific style and taste to get the best result. Finding the right photographer can be tricky, but Salt Lake Bride is here to help!

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

The first thing that you need to do is figure out your style. Looking at photos online will give you a good idea of the types of wedding photography there are. Some photographers are more clean-cut and create very crisp photos while others may take more artistic liberties, incorporating lots of light or special camera effects. Of course, there are plenty of photographers that incorporate a mixture of the two.

Once you have decided on a look, begin viewing potential wedding photographers’ portfolios to determine if they have produced photographs that are edited the way you are looking for. Next, contact the photographer and send them samples of what you are looking for in your wedding photos. Talk to each photographer who matches the style of photos you are looking for and discuss whether they can provide that.

Some photographers will be happy to do your engagement and bridal photos as well as all of the events of your wedding. If you want bridal photos or photos from rehearsal dinner before the wedding, you should discuss this with the photographer.

Another important aspect to discuss with your potential photographer is how the photos will be returned to you. Some photographers will only provide you with edited, printed photos, whereas others will make edits and hand you a flash drive of your photos. How you would like your pictures in the end is a very important decision to make and will narrow down the photographers that you have to choose from.

Hiring a Wedding Photographer

When deciding on a wedding photographer, you will want to make sure they are available on the day of your wedding. Make sure that you book your photographer far enough in advance to ensure you photographer will be available! If they have no availability, you will need to keep looking. 

Every photographer has a different policy for booking, but many will require a deposit to save your date. The deposit may or may not be refundable depending on the photographer, and they may require you to choose a photo package when you book your date. Talk to the photographer and make sure that you have all of your questions answered before you make any commitment. Keep track of the policies and prices for each photographer when you are searching so you can compare your options fully.

Book your date with your photographer, pay your deposit, and you’re all set for the big day! Make sure to keep in contact with your photographer and let them know where the events will be happening on your booked times.

Wedding Photography Tips

Every photographer is different, just like every bride and groom. Luckily, there are some go-to things to make wedding photography a little easier. Here’s a look at some of the photographt tips that we like:

  1. Trust your photographer: Your photographer is a professional, and know how to make you look stunning. Getting to know your photographer beforehand at an engagement or bridal shoot is a good idea so you know what to expect for your big day.
  2. Make a shot list with your photographer:  A shot list is a rundown of all of the photos that you want taken at your wedding. The classics, like the first-look photos, cutting of the cake, exchanging rings, the first kiss, and the bouquet toss are all photos you want to have. Your photographer will know to capture these special moments, but communicate with your photographer regarding any unique photos you will want. This could include photos like what specific group shots you want taken, for example.
  3. Communication is key: Make sure that you ask questions and bring up any concerns that you have. Your photographer wants to make sure that you are confident as well, so make sure you discuss anything you’re worried about to ensure your special day goes smoothly. 
  4. Enjoy your day: After all, you will want to remember this day personally, and not just in photographs. Instead of worrying about getting each event and memory exactly as you see it in photographs, focus on enjoying your time, and when the photos come back to you, you will be able to enjoy them. But nothing can beat the memories that you created for yourself.

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