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Friends and Family

Usually, you will select your attendants out of your closest friends and family. These people will be the most likely candidates for helping you with all of our wedding planning. If you have more friends and family who can help besides those chosen as attendants, you are in luck. The more people you have helping you, the less stressful your wedding planning will be. Here is a list of typical assignments for friends and family:


  • Helps with what he can of wedding planning
  • Plans the honeymoon
  • Picks the band/DJ
  • Picks men’s attire


  • Helps pick out wedding dress
  • Helps with the theme (flowers, colors, etc.)
  • Helps put together guest list and seating chart


  • Pays for the wedding or helps with the budget
  • Plans the toasts and heads them
  • Helps coordinate the wedding day
  • Deals with vendors

Maid/Matron of Honor:

  • Helps with whatever planning she is needed for
  • Plans the bridal shower (and may host it)
  • Sticks close to the bride on the wedding day to help out
  • Holds the groom’s ring

Best Man:

  • Helps groom pick attire
  • Plans/hosts the bachelor party
  • Gets the groom ready and there on time
  • Holds the bride’s ring


  • Help make favors (if you are)
  • Help address invitations
  • Help plan the bachelorette party/ bridal shower


  • Help plan the bachelor party
  • Help the groom with any tasks he has for them
  • Can be ushers at the wedding
  • Decorate the getaway car

Non-attendant family/friends:

  • Provide support
  • Help with large jobs (favors, invitations, etc.)
  • May stand in the receiving line with everyone previously listed
  • Can be given simple tasks that the attendants don’t have time for

No matter what tasks you decide to delegate, it is always vital for you to thank everyone who helped plan your big day. Some people do this with gift, other just give a card or even just a hug. Also, always remember that they are there to help you and support you with any task you give them.