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Wedding cakes and reception food

Reception Food Ideas

Planning your reception is a fun part of your wedding. You get to be as creative or as traditional as you want to be! Your reception should reflect who you are as a couple. It can be helpful to think of some things that are unique to you and your significant other. What are your favorite activities to do together? Your favorite songs? Your favorite food? It can add a fun, personal touch when you add some of your favorite things into the details of your reception. When it comes to picking out food for your reception, we’ve got some ideas for you!


Dinner or dessert?

First, it is important to decide whether or not you would like to provide your guests with a full meal, or just some appetizers, dessert, snacks, etc. While providing a whole meal is fancy, it also can cost you a lot of money. Because of this, many receptions usually provide dessert or finger foods. After taking a look at your budget and choosing some inspiration for your reception, you can narrow down how much food to serve to your guests. You get to decide whether that consists of dinner or just some of your favorite desserts!


Catered or homemade?

The next decision is whether you should hire a caterer to make your food for you, or if you should make it yourself. There are some pros and cons to each! Although a caterer is gonna be more expensive, it is helpful to have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day. Your food will be made for you and you will not have to worry about preparing it or even setting it out for your guests, if the caterer takes care of that! If you want to save money, it is probably a better idea to rally up some family and friends to help you prepare food for the reception. You can make it as simple or as intricate as you’d like it to be.


Salt Lake Bride can help!

Here at Salt Lake Bride, we have narrowed down some of our favorite vendors locally. You can check those out by looking at the “Wedding Caterers are Cakes” tab on our website. There, you will find great options for caterers of all kinds. Full-course meals, desserts, finger foods, you name it. We are here to make your wedding and reception the best it can be!


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