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Winter Wedding Themes

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It’s winter wedding season and we couldn’t be more excited! While brides often worry that the weather creates limited theme options, there are in fact many beautiful ways to embrace this snowy season for your wedding. We’ve created four stunning winter wedding themes to help get your creativity flowing.

1. Winter Woodland

Create a magical winter woodland for your wedding by embracing the colors found right outside. The white snow and green pine trees provide a natural color scheme, and coupled with pinecones and natural wood, your theme will be rustic and charming. 

2. Holiday Red

Embrace the Christmas season and go classy with this theme; red and white will never go out of style! Red is a deep and passionate color that will bring warmth to your wedding amidst the snow.

3. Winter White

If the world outside is cold and snowy, might as well embrace it! White is classy and timeless, and communicates the pure joy of the occasion. A little bit of greenery will go a long way in this theme. 

4. Warm and Bright

The holidays are full of light, which is why we love this theme! Bring the best part of the season into your wedding and make it a warm and bright celebration!