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Winter Wedding Colors

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The weather is getting colder, and the season is changing from the bright red and orange tones of fall to the fresh and beautiful winter shades. There are many great things that come with a winter wedding, including the lovely colors unique to the season. Grab a blanket, a hot chocolate, and snuggle up with your loved ones as you check out these ideas for your winter color palette!

Black and White

Nothing pops more than two opposites. A great way to match the snowy backdrop in Utah, adding black to the mix will emphasize the natural beauty of the season and make the bride stand out even more! Black and white is clean and simple, easy to match, and everyone looks great in it. This timeless color scheme will look good in every decade, and you’ll look back on your elegant wedding pictures with a smile.


Especially around Christmas time, red is always the go-to color for winter weddings. It’s bold, romantic, gorgeous, and pops against Utah’s snowy mountains. Couple it with some dark or muted greenery, and your wedding will be a holiday celebration to make even Saint Nick jealous! Red is the most well-known color that represents love, and including it in your winter wedding helps everyone feel that love.

Dusty Blue

The cool tones of blue will match the cool colors of the winter season. Blue is another color that everyone looks great in, and the muted, dusty blue looks even better in winter wedding pictures. Against some greenery, these two colors stand out in bouquets and the bridal party’s outfits. 

There’s many other great color combinations that look great in a winter wedding. Whether you choose to go with something simple and elegant like black and white, or something more traditional like red, your cold weather celebration will be one that everyone remembers. Be sure to check our Pinterest for more ideas!

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