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Why Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer?

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In today’s digital age, just about everyone owns a video camera. And in today’s economy, just about every bride is on a budget. A well-meaning relative or friend may have offered to video tape your wedding for you. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a professional videographer to preserve your wedding.

Your relative or friend wants to be a part of your wedding, just as any of your guests. If they are trying to juggle participating in your event and video taping your event, they will likely miss the most important moments of your day. A professional videographer knows how to capture those special moments, and is there for one reason only: to capture your wedding day.

Other Professional -vs- Amateur Considerations:

  • Professional Videographer
    • Consultation
    • Planning
    • Set up for best footage
    • Set up for best sound
    • Experience with many weddings
    • Knows what to look for
    • Raw footage is edited into a true video story
  • Non-Professional Videographer
    • Shoots what he thinks is nice
    • Shaky camera
    • Camera movements are too fast
    • Bad audio
    • Important moments are not recorded
    • Not prepared for technical problems during wedding
    • Footage may be out of focus at times
    • Important shots may be interrupted more

Why Hire a WEVA Videographer?

True professionals recognize the need for continuing education in their field. WEVA provides training and certification in the video industry. Video styles and techniques are constantly changing, and the digital revolution has radically changed the face of modern video production. WEVA is at the forefront of demonstrating current trends in wedding videography. WEVA members are better prepared to keep up with these changes and provide the best possible production for you.

How Much Will it Cost?

The price of your professional video depends on what you need and the options you choose. Most professionals offer a wide variety of video services and options that can enhance your wedding video. Some of the more common wedding video options are described here. Once you have consulted with your professional videographer, be sure your contract clearly describes the services and options you have selected.

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