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Who to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

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Wedding dress shopping can be a thrilling and stress-inducing experience, and a lot of it hinges on who you take with you.  Even before COVID-19 hit, it was encouraged to bring only a few people dress shopping with you.  Now, it may be extremely limited, depending on the restrictions of the area.  So, who do you bring dress shopping, especially if you can only bring one or two people?  Here are a few ideas.

Your Mom

Your wedding is a special event for your mom, and she will likely adore being involved!  Seeing her daughter pick out a wedding dress will mean a lot.  Not to mention, your mom probably knows you better than most people!  If you want to ask for anyone’s opinion on your dress, your mom would likely be a safe bet.  She’ll be excited for you, and feel honored that you’ve included her in decisions like this.

Your Maid of Honor

The title of Maid of Honor is not given lightly, and it is often given to your closest friend or a close family member.  She’s probably the perfect person to invite dress shopping with you!  Now, if this particular friend tends to say only what they believe will please you, and you’re looking for an honest opinion, they may not be the best friend to bring shopping.  If you’re worried about excluding her from this special event, consider including her in other ways.  Do a first-look photoshoot or invite her to a little fashion show where you model your dress.  Either way, she’ll be ecstatic seeing you in your wedding dress.

An Honest Friend

Do you have a friend you can depend on to be honest with you in every situation?  They may be just the person to take shopping with you.  Now, don’t bring anyone who will be brutal or rude.  You should feel confident and comfortable while shopping for your wedding dress.  But it is also important to remember that others may see something you don’t, and a fresh perspective could be just what you need when it comes to decision making.

Your Sister

Your sister, whether she be older or younger, has probably thought about the day her sister would be married.  Including her in your wedding dress shopping would mean a lot.  Giving her the opportunity to help you find the dress for your big day could be a great way to bond with each other.  If you know your sister is not the best person for you to take shopping, you could consider including her in other ways, like sending her pictures while you’re shopping or giving her a little at-home fashion show.

No matter who you choose to bring wedding dress shopping, we hope you find your perfect dress and wish you luck on all your wedding endeavors!

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