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What Every Groom Should Know

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Stick it into your head that the bride is the star of the wedding day. But you definitely wouldn’t want to leave your bride’s side on that particular occasion. So you have to look good. And you’ve just asked her to spend the rest of her days with you, so you better make her happy about her decision.

Sounds demanding? Good, because being a groom really is. But you’ll find it easier if you start on the right footing. Here are some wise reminders for you. They range from choosing your outfit to being more romantic. They may be very simple, but you’ll find them very effective that you’ll be glad you’ve read them before your big day.

Grooming for the Groom

As mentioned earlier, you’ll be beside your bride almost the whole time. So make sure you look good.

  • Shop for your wedding tux, suit, or whatever you plan to wear early. Don’t make it a last-minute decision, thinking that it’s not like a wedding dress with a thousand designs to choose from. A tux or a suit has to fit perfectly.
  • Get professional hairstyling, shave, and even manicure on the morning of your wedding, instead of playing golf or getting some Dutch courage. If you’re looking for some way to relax, a massage would be better than booze.

Sharing Responsibilities

Don’t think for a moment that your responsibilities before the wedding are limited to taking care of the wedding and engagement rings. Even if you’re marrying a professional event organizer, you should still offer your bride any help in the wedding preparations. She’ll probably turn you down, knowing how bad you are at managing projects or doing simple errands, but make it a point to offer assistance in any way.

One thing she’d probably let you do is organizing the male entourage members. Give them assignments on the wedding day. Usually, the best man and the groomsmen are made to help in arranging transportation for some guests, your cake, your gifts, etc. They’re also expected to assist in entertaining the guests. Make sure they do their part.

Don’t Lose the Romance

As the wedding date nears, the more you get deeper into the preparations and possible panicking. Be there are ways to stop all the chaos and put things in perspective. Remind your bride that the wedding is about your being together.

  • Don’t forget to go out on dates while you’re preparing for your wedding. They don’t have to be lavish ones. Just go watch a movie, skate on ice, or share a cup of coffee and talk about something other than your wedding.
  • At lunchtime, drop by her office with a bunch of flowers and take her out to a restaurant. Again, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Even a fast food joint will do. It’s one of those times when it’s the thought that really, really counts.
  • On the morning of your wedding, you can ask someone to send her a warm breakfast – with flowers and a romantic note, of course.

And during the wedding, give her some sincere compliments. Or simply whisper the words, “I love you.” You’ll be surprised at how she’ll love that and at how you’ll instantly be the groom of the year.

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