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Wedding Venues in Utah

Salt Lake City is a beautiful place to get married. Why, with the mountains and amazing architecture, what’s not to love? There are beautiful venues everywhere and in all sorts of Utah landscapes. Whether it is in the red rocks of southern Utah, or Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City, there is no shortage of locations in the state. Your wedding day is one that you will remember forever, and you shouldn’t settle for something less than the best.

Salt Lake Bride is Utah’s best wedding guide. Everything from venues to an expert on invitations can be found in our local guide. Let’s take a look at what goes into choosing the right wedding venue for you, and some of our local suggestions.

How to Find a Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue will serve as the birthplace of the new chapter of your life. Unfortunately, finding a perfect location to host your wedding can be more difficult than you may think. You need to find a place that is within your price range, complements the theme of the wedding and your vision for your wedding space, as well as will hold the amount of people that you expect to come to celebrate your special day with you.

Your first step should be to determine what it is that you want. Finding a venue will be nearly impossible if you have not already started planning to determine what you want the look and feel of your wedding to be. This will help you to start to narrow down your options. Once you know what you are looking for, browse local venues and set a limit on how far you are willing to travel away from home for your wedding.

Questions to Ask When Looking at Reception Venues

So you’ve looked around, and have found a reception venue that you would like to visit. Perhaps the most important question to ask is: when it is available? If you cannot host your wedding here when you would like you must consider whether you want to budge on your desired day or month, or if you need to keep looking for a venue that can accommodate the date that you want.

Just as important is what aspects of your wedding they can accommodate. For example, if you can have your ceremony on location as well. You should also ask how much it will cost. Along with asking about any fees, cancellation policies, and event insurance.

Every wedding or wedding reception venue is different, and will have different policies, prices, and accommodations. If you are curious, it never hurts to ask so you don’t end up having an unexpected problem come up once you have booked and paid your deposit. To help with your wedding planning and in choosing a wedding venue, you should also ask about:

  • How long you will have access to the venue
  • Catering, cake, and alcohol availabilities, fees, and policies
  • Weather contingency plans for outdoor weddings
  • Whether or not they provide tables, chairs, and linens for them
  • Music accommodations or restrictions
  • Parking for guests
  • Other accommodations

Once you have gone through all of these questions, be sure that you get the answers in writing. Not only will this hold the venue accountable, but it will also be a handy reference later if you are looking at several venues. It is also helpful to look online for reviews of the venue and possible issues that previous brides might have had that you can avoid.

Tips for a Wedding Reception

Making sure that you know exactly what you are getting from your venue is a great start. The venue will determine what type of activities, crowd feel, and depending on the effectiveness of a venue, how the timeline will flow.

There are plenty of great tips out there, but do what you feel will give you the very best wedding. Here are a few that we like that are sure to make your wedding reception a great time for everyone:

Plan, plan, plan! The better prepared for your wedding day, the smoother it will go and the less stressful it will be for the bride and groom. You want to focus on having fun with each other, not whether or not the cake will be there on time.

  • Give your guests something to do! Keeping things interesting will make everybody’s night more enjoyable. Handing out favors, planning surprise entertainment, and maybe making toasts a little shorter can all lighten the mood of the party.
  • Don’t forget about music. Music can make or break an atmosphere. Make sure to spend time thinking about the playlist, and make sure that you play what people can dance to.
  • Get help. It is incredibly difficult to plan the perfect wedding, and keeping tabs on everything puts stress on even the most strong willed. Hiring a wedding planner, or an event coordinator for the day of the wedding will help you be able to sit back and enjoy your special day.


Wedding Venue Cost Comparison

Cost is an important factor when planning a wedding, but it doesn’t have to hold you back from the wedding of your dreams. Budgeting properly and avoiding unnecessary expenses or costly mistakes will all help you host your dream wedding. Make sure that you are informed and in control of the money that you are spending. Odds are that there will always be a more budget friendly location, but maybe at the expense of your fantasy.

Don’t stop at just one wedding venue. Visiting multiple places will help you find the best place for your wedding and your budget. Keep track of costs using a spreadsheet or a notebook so you can compare later when it comes time to make a decision. Make sure to get a full rundown of every expense that could possibly come up. Rental charge, deposit and deposit refunds, hidden and added fees, add-ons, payment plans, and per-person expenses should all be considered for each possible venue.

Knowing exactly what you are spending and where it is being spent is the key to a stress-free and debt-free wedding.

Salt Lake Bride Can Help

If you are unsure where to begin, we have a selection of local wedding venues on our website to appeal to every bride. Whether you want a traditional Temple Square wedding, a red rock extravaganza or a beautifully chic barn wedding, Utah has it all.

Salt Lake Bride is your one-stop resource for everything that you could need for the perfect Utah wedding. We have all of the links you need to get in contact with Utah vendors for your wedding. We are proud to be Utah’s #1 Wedding Guide, and hope that we can help you with all of your Utah wedding needs.

Resources for Finding a Local Utah Wedding Vendor 

Use this link to find a list of all of our wedding vendors:

We also have several vendors who can help you find a wedding dress, listings of wedding receptions and venues, and other resources to plan for your wedding day.