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Wedding Splurges Worth The Money

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The biggest mistake you can make budget wise is spending money on things that will never be noticed by your guest. If you’re going to spend the extra money try these WOW-packed ideas:

Lighting: Order a custom-made gobo light of your monogram, or project a design from your wedding  invitation over the dance floor.

Ceremony Decor:Ask your florist to cover a canopy with lush flowers and hanging votive candles or blossom-bedecked lanterns to create vocal points. Your guest will love it!

The Entryway: Ask the servers to greet guest with glasses of champagne or a signature cocktail so that they feel taken care of from the moment they enter the wedding reception. This is a good idea considering you will not be making your grand entrance upon their arrival for at least 15-30 minutes later.

The Photo Booth: With some of the rental packages, you can get projections of pictures from the photo booth. So while the guest snap photos inside the booth, the images will appear over the dance floor for all to see- and it provides a awesome way to brighten the dance floor.

Lounge Area: Really want to amaze your guest; try closing off an area with curtains and rent some lounge furniture, curtains, draping, and special lighting to create the VIP chic vibe.

Reception PowerPoint: Create a PowerPoint or video that showcase your lives as a couple (vacation videos, pictures, etc) have it play on a screen behind the head table and play it during your fist dance.

From – Kesha King – Opulent Custom Event Planning