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Utah Wedding Videography Considerations

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Recording your wedding helps keep your day as vivid on film as your own memories. Making sure you get the right videographer to capture those memories is essential to the lasting image you want your day to be. From rustic to classic, there is a videographer out there for every bride and style. This blog post will focus on some of the top videographers in Utah, and will hopefully help you find just the right one to record all the memories and moments from your perfect wedding day. Check out for more information on videographers as well.

Videographer #1: Ryan Hender Films

Utah Wedding Videography Considerations - Ryan Henser

Ryan Hender Films is a premier, award-winning videographer company in Utah. Ryan Hender is very passionate about his films, and that is apparent in the masterpieces he produces. As Ryan Hender states, “Many couples seek out their vendors based on price. The reality is, if you really don’t like the PERSON who you are hiring, the price doesn’t matter.” Ryan Hender will ensure that your one of a kind wedding video is the perfect fit for you and your wedding day. So, if you want a one of a kind video that will make your dream day come to life on the screen, Ryan Hender Films would be the perfect videographer for you.

Videographer #2: Pointe Digital Photography and Videography


Ran by a couple, Pointe Digital Photography and Videography works seamlessly to capture your wedding and romance in still photo and in motion. Based in Utah (but available for worldwide travel), Pointe makes it their goal to have your wedding look as magical as it feels, and will help make one more aspect of your wedding day effortless for you. Pointe Digital Photography and Videography has been working on Utah Weddings for over 20 years, and bring years of experience and expertise to the table. If you want an effortless and perfect capture of your wedding day, Pointe Digital Photography and Videography may be the one for you.

Videographer #3: Sound Image Productions

Utah Wedding Videography Considerations Sound Image Productions

Sound Image Productions is a small studio of fun and talented artists specializing in photography, and audio and video production. They do commercials and ads as well, but their true passion and specialty are weddings. Their goal is to evoke strong emotions with their videos and perfectly capture the emotions and joy of the wedding day on film. From engagements to bridal photo shoots, and videography of the entire wedding day, Sound Image Productions has mastered the art of wedding photography and videography. If you want an art-focused, emotional (in a good way) video to remember your wedding with for years to come, Sound Image Productions may be just the right company for you and your wedding videography.

Are you planning on having a wedding video?  We would love to hear why or why not?