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Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

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Here is the perfect bride-on-a-budget wedding gown (unless you count your time).

The seventh annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest was held Thursday, July 7, in Boca Raton, Florida. Dresses were judged on beauty, creativity and originality.

Beating out nearly 1,000 contestants, Orchard Lake, Michigan-native Susan Brennan took the $1,000 prize for her creation–a strapless wedding gown complete with rosettes and feathers and balanced the dress with pleats on the bodice. She used hot glue, packing tape, and four rolls (that’s all?) of toilet paper.  “I wanted to create something elegant yet playfully sophisticated, and I wanted it to be full of detail,” said Brennan.  The wedding gown took her a week to create.  She will use the $1000 to help pay for her upcoming wedding.
Runner up Laura Lee from Milpitas, California, won $500 for her dress, a romantic tiered and ruffled strapless wedding gown with a sweetheart neckline. She used five rolls of one-ply toilet paper, transparent duct tape, first aid tape, and spray adhesive.

Finally, Cynthia Richards from Marietta, Georgia, took the third place prize, which awarded her $250. For her wedding gown, she used a whopping 20 rolls of toilet paper for a detailed rosette finish, kept together with duct tape, hot glue, Mod Podge glue, and fabric glue.

There are plenty of lines for this contest.  Will it flush?  What if it rains?  Did the others wash out?  No problems wiping tears on their wedding day.  What do you think??  Which wedding dress is your fave??