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Tips for Relieving Tired Eyes

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In a wedding there is so much to plan; the reception, sitting arrangements, finding a photographer, music, finding a dress, preparing the wedding party, sending out invitations, calling vendors…the list goes on and on. Throughout all of this it is easy for stress and fatigue to creep in. No bride wants to have dark circles, and tired eyes in her wedding pictures. So when puffy, tired eyes have you down, try some of these tricks.

Cucumbers. They’re classic. Cucumbers help reduce puffy swollen eyes with a crisp cooling sensation. Just peel and slice the cucumbers and you’ll be on your way. You could even pair it with a face mask. Kick back and take it easy for a bit.


Tea bags. It sounds a little crazy, we know, but placing tea bags on your eyes can help reduce puffiness, redness, and dark circles. Simply steep two bags in the hot water, take it out, squeeze the water out of the bag, let it cool down till they’re a comfortable temperature (you can even place it into the fridge to cool down faster) and place it on your eyes like you would the cucumbers. Relax and enjoy the aromas. 

Make sure to clean your face before you do this, makeup included, you don’t want to get anything into your eyes. Avoid wearing contact lenses, and be sure not to use tea bags that are bleached or include staples.


Drink Water. That’s right, drinking water can help. You won’t want to be dehydrated during the planning or the wedding itself. Drinking water can improve your skin and reduce dark under eyes. It can help give you a refreshed, glowing look.


Get Sleep.

In the midst of planning and preparing, sleep is often the last thing on your mind. But making sleep a priority will help you to better accomplish the tasks ahead. Trust us, it is better to take the time now to care for yourself then to have to take more time after having a breakdown.

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