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Tips for Curly Hair Brides

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Utah Bride curly hair haircut

Hey Curly Brides!

The first step to healthy hair is getting all of that crap that’s been imbedded in your follicles for the past however-many years outta there! It may take some getting used to, but the right products will do the trick if you just hang in there!

While in the shower:

First use a shampoo that actually cleans your hair and strips it of the alcohol and sulfate-based product that you’ve been using until now. Be sure to massage from the roots and don’t over shampoo (A quarter size is plenty) A little product goes a long way! Give your scalp a nice massage!

Second, apply conditioner. (You may want to apply a little conditioner to the ends of your hair before applying the shampoo for additional moisturizing.) You may need more conditioner than shampoo, especially at the beginning of your detoxing. Use as much as you need in order to detangle your hair with your fingers in the shower. Re scrunch after you have detangled your hair.

Before you exit the shower, be sure your hair is completely saturated. The key to all of this is putting the moisture back in your hair that all of those previous products have sucked out!

Once out of the shower (or still in the shower if you prefer):

You may squeeze your hair SLIGHTLY to get some water out, but your hair should be dripping wet.

Next, apply your Gel. Use a water-based gel that locks your curls without giving them “crunch”. Put a palm-size amount in your hair and carefully filter it throughout your hair. Be careful not to “brush” your hair with your fingers. We don’t want the curls to separate – this creates frizz! Then, take another palm-size amount and scrunch your curls to your roots, squeezing the access water out of your hair. You’re still helping to retain that moisture with the gel, so don’t worry about squeezing too much.

The last step (yes, we’re almost there!) is to “Blot” your hair. I’ve found that a cotton t-shirt works well or a curl cloth. Whatever you decide, it must be a t-shirt or a micro-fiber towel. Regular towels rough up the hair and cause frizz and absorb way too much moisture and, well, that’s what we’re trying to keep in our hair! This step will cut your drying time and allow you to not walk around dripping with gel and water.

Once your curls are dry, weather you air dry or diffuse re scrunch to break the cast of the gels for a soft natural beautiful curl.

You’re done! Enjoy your new curls and remember it may not be perfect at first. Keep in mind that it takes a good month to detox, so it’s important to be patient at the beginning – you’ll get there!

Note: Try to resist touching your hair. Touching your hair and moving your curls creates more frizz. Also, don’t be upset if some days you DO have some frizz. This is what being a curly girl is all about! Embrace it and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, more natural-looking set of curls in no time.

-Less shampoo, more conditioner for more moisture
-No regular towels
-Comb hair (with fingers) off and away from scalp when detangling then re scrunch. This will help so hair is not laying flat on the head
-Clip individual curls up and off your scalp to create lift and avoid the top of your hair from drying flat
-Check out Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey- founder of Deva Curl

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