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If you’re looking for a Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer or a Utah Wedding Venue, Salt Lake Bride is a great choice. They took care of everything for our wedding and made it look easy. We called several Salt Lake Venues before making our choice. After reading their reviews on the internet it was clear they where the right place to go for our Wedding needs.

GB - Salt Lake City, Utah

The vendors through Salt Lake Bride were excellent to work with! My beautiful backyard wedding was 6 years ago, and I still dream about it. I used Ambience Rental for my decorations, and I rented tables, chairs, and linens from Specialty Linens. Both vendors were so friendly and great to work with and helped me pick the best options for the setting. I refer all of my friends and family that are getting married to them. They were great!

RM - Bountiful Utah

The ultimate source of wedding knowledge. When we planned our wedding this website was a game changer.

EB - Salt Lake City Utah

Salt Lake Bride was a great Utah wedding planning tool. I got the info I needed to plan my dream wedding. I found my bridal gown, wedding invitations, flowers, cake, reception center, photographer, videographer and limo on the site and they were all wonderful! I highly recommend this wedding planning site!!

MW - Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake Bride is so easy to use compared to the other sites on the web.


I found a musician for my wedding on Salt Lake Bride. I never would have known about them if it wasn’t for this site. It was so wonderful to have live music at my reception!

BrittanyWest Jordan

I saved so much money by having all the reception centers contact me. It was really easy and I didn’t have to make awkward phone calls.


I never thought a website could have so much great information. I love the planning guide, it really helped.

Karen Salt Lake City

This site is perfect! Every day there is something new.


The other wedding planning sites are so slow… 🙁 It took forever just to find one company! On the pages were fast and I contacted 10 photographers in just a few minutes!