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What do Wedding Flowers Mean?

Many people don’t realize that flowers have meanings.    It was common in history for brides to only use flowers that had positive connotations. If you want to follow tradition- here’s the list: Anemone- Expectation Baby’s Breath- Innocence Bluebell- Everlasting love Calla Lily- Magnificent beauty Carnation- Boldness, love, talent Chrysanthemum- Wealth, abundance, truth Daffodil- Regard Daisy- Loyal love Delphinium- Swiftness, lightness Forget-Me-Not- Faithful love Freesia- Innocence Gardenia- Purity, joy Heather- Admiration Hydrangea- Thank-you Iris- Faith, wisdom Lilac- Love’s first emotions Lily- Majesty, truth, honor Lily of the Valley- Happiness Magnolia- Love of nature Orchid- Love, beauty Pansy- Merriment Peony- Happy marriage Primrose- I can’t live without you Ranunculus- Radiant Rose- … Continue reading What do Wedding Flowers Mean?