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Survey Reveals Surprising Wedding Colors Choices

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Recently my staff and I exhibited at a wedding show. Because we make custom couture wedding invitations (with music), one of the questions we asked the brides was their wedding  colors theme. We had just been told that Emerald Green and Coral were going to be the colors for 2013/14 so we were very surprised to get different answers. We kept track and according to Central Florida brides, Purple is still #1!

Out of 81 responses, here are the favorite wedding colors:

  1. Purple – 15 responses  (not including Peacock which got 8 responses)
  2. Pink – 10 responses
  3. Blue – 9 responses
  4. Teal/Aqua – 9  responses
  5. Red – 8 responses
  6. Coral – 5 responses
  7. Black or Green – tied with 3 responses each

All other colors got 2 or less votes and included Silver, Gold, Brown, White, Yellow. Blue seemed to always be paired with another color; blue and coral or navy and yellow for example.   And aqua seemed to be teamed a lot with coral – but of course that could be because of all the beach weddings in Florida.

Another wedding trend for 2013 will be musical invitations now that Kim Kardashian had musical Baby Shower invites sent to her guests. Her sisters sent out invitations contained in a ballerina music box that when opened played Kanye’s famous song, “Hey Mama” and put into motion a twirling toy ballerina. So you can be sure other celebrities will want over-the-top invitations for their important events.

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