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Stolen Wedding Photo Album Returned after 17 Years

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An album of wedding photographs has been returned after going missing for 17 years.

The images commemorating Nigel and Gillian Stewart’s marriage had been in their caravan which was stolen.

Following failed media appeals for its return, the wedding photo album was left outside their home in Gilford, County Down, inside a plastic bag on Tuesday afternoon, BBC News reports.

Gillian said: “I thought I was seeing things. I was absolutely stunned. Speechless… It’s lovely for the children – they only know their dad with grey hair.”

She called on the person who left the album to make themselves known even if they had stolen the caravan, adding: “You needn’t be a bit afraid to come forward to me, because I bear no grudges.

“The past is the past, the future’s the future. I would just love whoever it was to come forward, so I could thank them in person.”

Earlier this year, a wallet belonging to a 9-year-old boy was returned with its contents still present after he wrote a letter and put it up in the store it was taken from.

A woman also had her belongings returned with an apology letter after they were taken from her.

Published Thursday, Nov 10 2011, 1:53pm EST – By Mayer Nissim