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Questions to ask when Selecting a Wedding Venue

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Questions to ask when Selecting a Wedding Ceremony or Reception Center

Choosing a location for your wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception is an important decision. You will want to shop around for the venue that will best fit your needs. Here are a few things to consider:
What is your budget?
Who will be making the final decision?
How will you be paying for the event? Does the venue offer financing?
How many wedding or reception guests are you inviting?
Is the location convenient and centrally located for your wedding guests?
Is there a safe, well lighted parking lot? How many parking spaces are available?
What kind of security is on the premises?
Does the company have liability insurance?
What kind of foods do you want to serve? Sit down dinner, buffet, finger foods, desserts?
Is there a professional chef?
Can they accommodate special dietary requirements?
Does the venue have an alcohol license?
Can you have a cash bar where guests can pay for their own drinks or do you have to pay the whole bill?
How clean is the facility and garden area?
Do they have chair covers and sashes?
How do the linens look? Do they have the kind you want?
What kind of dishes, glassware and silverware do they use? What colors will you be using?
Does the venue work with your wedding color scheme?
Does the venue fit your wedding style or your theme?
How many guests can the venue seat?
Is the venue large enough to accommodate your wedding party, including an area which is quiet and out of the way for your older guests?
Is the venue flexible on use of space? Can you change the furniture to accommodate your style?
Is there a separate area for the Bride and Groom?
Is there a picturesque area for wedding photography, inside and out?
Is there a space to display your wedding gifts?
How many restrooms are available for you and your guests?
Are you planning to have a band or a DJ? Does the venue have an area for dancing?
What kind of sound system is offered? Is there a microphone? Is there a charge for this service?
What kind of media system is available to use for you video?
Will you have a wedding ceremony? What type of area is available for the ceremony and how many people can they accommodate?
Do you want an inside or outside Ceremony?
What is the charge for the ceremony? Do they charge extra for set up?
Is there a safe place for your guest’s coats?
Will the venue WOW your friends and family?

Thanks to The Woods on Ninth for providing this list! Be sure to check out their elegant venue.