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Pros and Cons to Creating a Wedding Website

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Recently, wedding websites have become a popular trend, and many couples have asked the question: Is it worth it?

Well, wedding planning can definitely be stressful. Countless little tasks can pile up on the bride and groom, and wedding websites can be a helpful tool. Let’s explore some of the pros and cons.


  • These sites are an easy way to get information to your guests. Guests can simply click a link and find a place to view an invitation, fill out an RSVP form, look through your wedding registry, and find travel accommodations near the wedding’s location. Having all of these things in one place is very convenient.
  • These sites are free and easy to create. Most sites will have a simple template that doesn’t take too long to customize. Having a free way to organize information is definitely beneficial to many couples.
  • Making a site can be fun! Some sites have places for couples to add pictures of themselves, introduce the bridal party, and share their story. These can be fun ways for guests to learn more about you.
  • Your site will be timeless. Even after the wedding, you will always have your wedding website to look back on. It can be a fun wedding memento to keep, and will preserve little details about your wedding that you might’ve forgotten otherwise.


  • What if people don’t see the link, or aren’t good with technology? This can be a problem if a lot of your guests are older adults who aren’t tech-savvy. This could lead to less people being able to RSVP, or less people being able to find your registry and send you gifts.
  • Making a site can take a lot of work, especially if you are a perfectionist. There are so many features to fine-tune and it may lead some couples to be even more overwhelmed than they were before.

In the end, every wedding is different, and it is up to each couple to decide how they want to disperse their wedding information. Wedding websites are a fantastic way to use your creativity to create a fun and convenient link for your guests. But, if the thought of creating one stresses you out, don’t use it! Your wedding will be perfect, no matter what path you take, and wedding websites are a completely optional tool.

If you’re interested, check out some great places to create wedding websites below:

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